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Fine Art & Architecture Travel

Upscale BBC Quality Private Lectures & Private Guided Tours by a local guide, a heritage professional.

Programmes of outreach in the field of Western art history and architecture.

Escorted private tours, sophisticated and fascinating itineraries for art lovers and VIPs by the accomplished art historian Drs. Kees Kaldenbach, Amsterdam.

Good fit with culture vulture types and travelling schools and universities.


Fluent English spoken. Man spricht Deutsch, Nederlands.

Francais: Si vous souhaitez suivre une visite avec une guide de langue maternelle française, vous pouvez aussi m'adresser un courriel en français. Je me chargerai ensuite de transmettre votre message à cette guide.


Tips: Save tons of $$ money in Holland


Breaking news: Radio interview in Dutch, about Vermeer, on Dutch national radio, November 19, 2015.


Museum Fast track entry - in ALL Amsterdam museums. Avoid spending time waiting in museum queues. Enter the museums together with me.

In Dutch: Voortaan de museum wachtrijen overslaan.


Tours also to German cities. German spoken / Man spricht auch Deutsch.


Who is Drs Kees Kaldenbach?

Drs. Kaldenbach's biography.

Deutsche Biographie

Third party testimonials. One shown here below.

Steven Dalgleish, 2011: "Drs Kees Kaldenbach is one of Amsterdam`s most respected Art historians and leading personal tour organisers for all those discerning visitors interested in exploring the fabulously rich cultural variety and heritage that the city has to offer - Kees offers 48 different tours, all of which delve deeply into the very fabric of what makes the city tick in a highly informative and entertaining fashion - To view the wide variety of tours available and to see why Kees is so popular with tourists and visiting TV documentary companies alike."

Drs Kaldenbach only does tours, no hotel bookings.

Payment. For further information please contact Please specify your personal needs, date, time AND THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS of both your mobile telephone and hotel. Usually we require a deposit by bank or by Credit Card. Our company is stable and trustworthy - that is why we have long standing contracts with VISA, Mastercard and American Express. He is a private operator, a specialized DMC, Local Destination Management Company. Favourite tour guide, "Professore".

Money Back Guarantee: In case of cancellation during the first 15 minutes of the trip, your money is returned in full.

Breaking news: Vermeer's Seated Woman, cleaning Eel

48+ Great Things to do in Amsterdam and other towns in Holland, The Netherlands and elsewhere in Western Europe


Rijksmuseum tour. The glorious national collection. Visit the Late Rembrandt exhibition with VIP entrance and a specialist guide.

Rijksmuseum with children

Vermeer for ultimate Vermeer buff lectures and tours.

Rijksmuseum met Zakenrelaties - Business partners

Vermeer, Allegory of Catholic Faith (NYC)

Vermeers Music Lesson, from the British Queens' Collection, The Hague, fall+ winter 2016.

See Dali's opinion of Vermeer

Vermeer and Neuroscience / Opthalmology.

Rembrandt tours incl the Maria Trip portrait

English article on key portrait of Uytenboogaard, Rijksmuseum.

Dutch/NL text Uytenboogaerd, Dutch

The fabulous collection of Drs Fritz Mannheimer (1890-1939) in the Rijksmuseum. 1400 objects of high quality.

Tours for higher educated clients

Rijksmuseum for your business partners

Rijksmuseum voor uw zakelijke contacten


Van Gogh Museum, English text

Van Gogh Museum, NL Dutch

See all 330 Rembrandt paintings in full size reproductions, in about 2 hours

Van Gogh Museum Tours

Van Gogh Lectures, Amsterdam + Otterlo


Amsterdam Stedelijk (municipal) Museum of Modern art.

Stedelijk Museum, NL.


Amsterdam walking tour.

Connoisseur's Amsterdam

Jewish Culture in Amsterdam. In Dutch: Joodse cultuur in Amsterdam

Walk with an economic theme United East India Company. In Dutch/Nederlands: VOC thema.


Amsterdam Maritime Museum In Dutch: Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Docklands revitalisation, Modern Architecture Java Island

Walk on Women of Amsterdam theme. In Dutch: Vrouwen van Amsterdam

Canal walk on the Rich and the Painters theme. In Dutch- Rijken + Kunstenaars thema

Birth of Capitalism in Amsterdam. Dutch: Geboorte van Kapitalisme in Amsterdam.

Spotting the Rich & Famous inhabitants in the Golden Age

UNESCO World Heritage sites in Holland: 8 personalized tours

Cruise ship arrival in Amsterdam

Expotime! (English) and Museum Aktuell (Deutsch)

Hire your own wooden luxury boat and captain

Famliefeestje op niveau... thuis of uit naar een museum.

An incentive trip. Of een incentive beloning (NL).

Scientific Amsterdam history tour

Royal Palace / Town Hall on Dam Sq

Amsterdam Bespoke travel



aAmsterdam tour for business excursions. Dutch: Wetenschap in Amsterdam

Amsterdam during World War 2 historical tour. NL: Nazi bezetting, WO II.

Tour of Jewish Amsterdam, NL: Joods Amsterdam

Amsterdam newspaper offices in our 'Fleet Street' historical tour

Amsterdam School Architecture Tour. NL Architectuur van de Amsterdamse School.

Amsterdam Gay and Lesbian History Tour. Amsterdamse geschiedenis van Gay en Lesbo.

Amsterdam for Opera buffs, English. Amsterdamse Operawereld NL.

Amsterdam Stedelijk (municipal) Museum of Modern art, just reopened. Stedelijk Museum, NL.

Amsterdam Shopping assistant (female)

Amsterdam Vondelpark history tour.

John Adams tour in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Lommerd, 17th C Pawnshop



Beyond Amsterdam:

Amsterdam Waterland (just to the north)

Deltawerken, Star Wars size storm surge protection, Zeeland province

A great Photo Safari for landscape & painting

Holland for fine art painters

Alkmaar tour English. Alkmaar tour NL

Alkmaar + Edam , cheese industry tour English. Alkmaar + Edam , kaas industrie toer NL

Edam-Monnickendam tour English. Edam-Monnickendam tour NL.

Delft tour English. Delft tour NL.

The Hague tour English. Den Haag tour NL.

Mauritshuis in The Hague.

Gemeentemuseum Modern art in The Hague, English. Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag, NL

and its XXL Mondrian collection.

Gouda tour English. Gouda tour NL.

Haarlem tour English. Haarlem tour NL.

Three High-tech Calatrava bridges, Haarlemmermeer, English.

Industrial heritage: Largest steam engine in the world. Het Cruquius Pompgemaal Haarlemmermeer NL

Hilversum tour English. Hilversum tour NL.

Leiden tour English. Leiden tour NL.

Archaeology Museum in Leiden, RMO oudheden in Leiden

Rotterdam tour, English. Rotterdam tour NL.

Utrecht tour English. Utrecht tour NL.

Amersfoort tour English. Amersfoort tour NL.

Kroller Muller / National Park tour, Art+Nature. You drive, I join.


Beemster polder, UNESCO lijst werelderfgoed NL tour NL. You drive, I join.

Water engineering in the Beemster polder, UNESCO world heritage. tour English. You drive, I join.

Polders and windmills as engineering marvels and landscape miracles, scientific atlas for all polders in Dutch and English. You drive, I join.


Caravaggio art trail worldwide, for instance in Rome or in Naples

Public speaking engagements

All paintings of single artists, photographic reproductions in true size.

Small group culture tours in Holland and Germany

Kaldenbach full Publications list


International Travel in Europe: Tailor Made Art Tours throughout Western Europe by Drs. Kaldenbach. Including Tours to German cities.

General Holland History and art Tour Guide.

Travel tips, how to save money and behave properly !: Holland Guide for the Perplexed.

Save tons of $$ money in Holland

A high level private guide and tour designer for private and small-group tourism. 50 points for those of you who can explain the blue traffic sign above!

Training-Opleiding tot kunst-rondleider-gids in Amsterdam


See above for themed excursions.


Read my complete online 11,000 word book on Vermeer & Delft, intended for a general public
0) Introduction
1) The fortified City of Delft
2) Artisans and the Guild of St Luke
3) Science and Technology in Delft
4) Vermeers Private House
5) Women - Courtship - Music
6) Beer - Bread - Markets
7) Hidden Corners in Delft
8) Selected Bibliography

Read my complete online 20,000 word essay on Vermeer & Brain theory, written for an academic public
1) Foreword
2) Introduction and terminology. houding, perception of reality, realism, illusionism and trompe l’oeil
3) Understanding Vermeer’s Perception of Reality; a Discussion of Characteristics
4) Brain and colour
5) Form as registered by the brain
6) Facial recognition, depth, movement, fine vs broad
7) Using this knowledge in studying and appreciating Vermeer
8) Workshop matters, Painters’ Supplies, Palette, The fijnschilder style versus the loose style, fourteen Qualities listed by Philips Angel
9) Naturalness, enticing the viewers
10) Delft artists influencing Vermeer
11) Vermeers Early, Middle, Late period. Camera Obscura
12) Vermeer’s World of Interiors: a Reality or a Construction
13) Landmark Vermeer literature (in print on paper form)
14) Digital Art History Studies and Presentations on Questions - on Perception of Reality in Vermeer Paintings
15) External CD-Rom, DVD, film material on Vermeer
16) Selected Bibliography


Tours Auf Deutsch.

Spotting the 250 Rich & Famous inhabitants in the Golden Age, especially in Amsterdam. See the Amsterdam Map in the Golden Age (Map with dots indicating where the high and mighty lived in Amsterdam, in the seventeenth century).

Educational tours for School groups & Special interest groups.

Amsterdam modern architecture tour: Eastern Docklands Harbour District. Urban Development District.

Very, very strange Amsterdam tours (Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!).

Amsterdam Red Light District present day transformation plans explained in depth.

Consider car ride & wheelchair assistance.

And now for something completely different: arrange for a glass of wine & cheese & crackers and a quality talk at night.

Visit the Dutch storm flood engineering waterworks down south, in the province of Zeeland.

A major reseach story: The exquisite Fritz Mannheimer collection in the Rijksmuseum


FB: Private Art Tours, Amsterdam + Holland

FB: Academica Translations, Amsterdam


International Menu, travel preparations, also for Cruise clients:

Powerpoint presentation of Amsterdam.
Powerpoint presentation of Athens.
Powerpoint presentation of Barcelona.
Powerpoint presentation of Berlin.
Powerpoint presentation of Copenhagen.
Powerpoint presentation of Cairo.
Powerpoint presentation of Florence.
Powerpoint presentation of Gauguin in France, Tahiti, Marquesas.
Powerpoint presentation of Istanbul.
Powerpoint presentation of Israel.
Powerpoint presentation of Naples.
Powerpoint presentation of Rome.
Powerpoint presentation of Split.
Powerpoint presentation of Stockholm.
Powerpoint presentation of St. Petersburg, Russia.
Powerpoint presentation of Tallinn.
Powerpoint presentation of Venice
Menu presentation of walks and museum visits in Towns in Holland.

Hospitality exchange: you are welcome in Amsterdam if we are welcome in Chicago.

Just some of my source publications

Full text of Philip Angel, Lof der Schilder-konst, Leiden 1642.

Full text of Delft section of Obreen list of Delft Guild members (clickable).

Some maps from the Atlas Blaeu - Van der Hem, UNESCO heritage, in Vienna, go to main Van der Hem Atlas page

New! Drs Kees Kaldenbach was selected as top of the bill tour guide by the discerning American Express Credit Card company.

Training for the benefit of museum docents.

Absurd munument to a royal butcher Leopold II, Ostend.

Dutch - Nederlandse pagina.

Tours by a colleague in South Africa:Rouston Gilfillan

Breaking news: Radio interview in Dutch, Dutch national radio, November 19, 2015.

Complete listing of tours

Save tons of $$ money in Holland

Download the PDF file with the same image as the one on the right. Printable front side and back side. 3 flyers on one regular A4 sheet.

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Fine Print / Legal issues

Cancellation: The charges for cancellation more than 48 hours in advance are covered by your deposit. Charges for client cancellation 24-48 hours in advance: 25% of the agreed sum to be billed to the client's credit card. Charges for client cancellation less than 24 hours in advance: 60% of the agreed sum to be billed to the client's credit card. In case of no-show or of annulment less than 10 hours in advance: 80% of the agreed sum to be billed to the client's credit card. When booking, you agree to these arrangements.


Critique about the Tims Vermeer project on Jonathan Janson's pages

Read client referrals and testimonials


Published 2012:

Andachtsbild article. In the light of Geert Grote: Andachtsbilder and images of spirituality in the sacred and the profane world

Articles Published earlier:

Adriaen Coorte, by Quentin Buvelot, book & exhibition catalogue.
De Grote Rembrandt, door Gary Schwartz, boek.
Geschiedenis van Alkmaar, boek.
Carel Fabritius, Tentoonstellingscatalogus.
Frans van Mieris, Tentoonstellingscatalogus.
From Rembrandt to Vermeer, Grove Art catalogue, book.
Vermeer Studies, Congresbundel.
C. Willemijn Fock: Het Nederlandse interieur in beeld, boek.
Het Huwelijksgeschenk (1934), boek over de egoïstische vrouw, die haar luiheid botviert.
Zandvliet, 250 De Rijksten van de Gouden Eeuw , boek + nieuwe stippenplattegrond!
Ik doe wat ik doe, teksten van Lennaert Nijgh , boek + cd
Het Rotterdam Boek, boek.
Bouwen in Nederland 600 - 2000, boek.
Hollandse Stadsgezichten/ Dutch Cityscape, exhib. cat.
Zee van Land / over Hollandse Polders (NL) boek
Sea of Land / about Dutch Polders (English) book

TEFAF 2008+2013 art fair

Tips for cruise line travelers.

Save tons of $$ money in Holland


For further information please contact Specify your personal needs, date, time AND THE TELEPHONE NUMBERS of both your mobile telephone and hotel. We require a deposit by PayPal or by Credit Card. Our company is stable and trustworthy - that is why we have long standing contracts with VISA, MasterCard and American Express.



Private Art Tour Advantages:

1) A tailor-made private tour created especially for you
2) Customized to your specific interests
3) Native resident of Amsterdam who speaks fluent English and German
4) 25+ years experience as an art historian and personal guide
5) Excellent didactic and educational skills, but fun and interesting to listen to.

Steven Dalgleish, 2011: "Drs Kees Kaldenbach is one of Amsterdam`s most respected Art historians and leading personal tour organisers for all those discerning visitors interested in exploring the fabulously rich cultural variety and heritage that the city has to offer - Kees offers 48 different tours, all of which delve deeply into the very fabric of what makes the city tick in a highly informative and entertaining fashion - To view the wide variety of tours available and to see why Kees is so popular with tourists and visiting TV documentary companies alike."


Contact information:

Drs. Kees Kaldenbach ,

Haarlemmermeerstraat 83 hs

1058 JS Amsterdam

The Netherlands

telephone 020 - 669 8119

(from abroad NL +20 - 669 8119)

cell phone 06 - 2868 9775

(from abroad NL +6 - 2868 9775)


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My home address for lectures (see red arrow below):

Map of Haarlemmermeerstraat, Amsterdam. Please note this tricky situation: there is another street in town that sounds almost the same: Haarlemmerstraat. Taxi drivers may take you to the wrong one - so please be specific. You need to go to my Haarlemmermeerstraat.

How to get there :

- by car: ring road exit S 106 towards the centre, then 1st to the right (paid parking)

- by trams 1 and 17; exit at Surinameplein

- by tram 2; exit Hoofddorpplein.

From the museum square or Leidseplein in the center it takes about a 10-minute tram ride.


Read client testimonials about Kaldenbach.

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English spoken

Man spricht auch Deutsch

Spreekt Nederlands

Et je parle un peu Français, la langue des arts et culture.

My programme listing of All Tours in Chinese

I am a Gold member of this tourguide group:

Best Private Guide in Netherlands

A large publication in 2015: The exquisite Fritz Mannheimer story

Below: 2013: BBC shoot in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.


BBC 4 TV programme shoot in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, March 28, 2013 just before the formal opening. Kaldenbach in red jacket. Behind the middle cameraman interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon. The director approaching from the right.

BBC television: The madness of Vermeer - Secret lives of the artists. Interviewer Andrew Graham -Dixon. Now on Youtube. At the exact time of 35 minutes, 39 seconds the interviewer interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon parks the bike and enters my home… what you do not see in the image is the rest of the crew: lights, sound, cameraman, continuity, the director… and the item was surprisingly filmed at my home in one take. Thanks to Andrew's quality of asking the right questions at the right moment. Beforehand I had to clean up my desk, though.



Updated 24 October 2016.


As a result of 10 months of archival study: these articles were published on 12 November, 2014

Full Mannheimer article 9200 words, without notes, or a separate PDF included with 130 notes.

A nasty article on Mannheimer in the German Army Magazine Signal, 1940

Mannheimer buying from Russian museums, who were forced to sell by order of Stalin

Mannheimer art as Jewish property

Mannheimer art distributed in Dutch museums (outside the Rijksmuseum)

Mannheimer art collection, nearly entirely perished in the London Blitz

Mannheimer art in museums outside Holland

An exquisite fold-out desk by Roentgen