An example of an impressive career in the United Dutch East India Company, VOC.

Or how to be a racist pig and get away with it: Rijckloff van Goens - AKA Rijklof van Goens (1619-1682)


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His career leading up to becoming Gouvernor-General 1678-1681

Rijklof van Goens, (1619-1682) aka Rijckloff van Goens
His career in the VOC was exemplary.


Initially he must have slept on board in one of these kinds of hammocks.

Rijklof's CAREER
1619 born in the Dutch Republic
1628 travels with parents to Batavia, where both parents died in 1629 and 1630. Rijkloff is most likely put in the care of his fathers brother and starts his career in the VOC
1632 as “boy”, assistant travels along with the Governor of Coromandel, in south-east India
1636 for f  12 p/month in service as helper
1637 for f  15 p/m in service as assistant
1639 for f  40 p/m in service as under trader
1642 for f  60 p/m in service as trader
1646 for f  80 p/m in service as upper trader, the highest rank
1644 for f ??,  in state service as diplomat, envoy, on embassy trips. Has to be sensitive all of the time with regards to feelings of honor of the local nobility. Divide and Rule: Opposes one group against the other with weapons and armed raids. Also does this age old trick in Ceylon. VOC trade had to be guarded with arms, each time considering both cost and gain when deciding to start an action. Up until 1670 also successful in military planning.
1678-1681 Governor-general

(source: VOC-O p 133)
(Extensive letter published in Roeper-VanGelder 2002, p 146, citing a racist outlook on the Javanese.)

If Rijklof van Goens represents the absolute top of the hierarchy, there were also people down below on the social and economic ladder.

According to the book Reisen (1687) by Nicolaus de Graaff,  travel with VOC was a refuge for the lowliest educatedd, unmarried, poorest of the poor from all over Europe: “...alderhande vreemdelinge en uitheemse natie, als Polakke, Sweeden, Deenen, Noor-luyde, Jutte, Hamborgers, Bremers, Lubekkers, Dantsikers, Koninxbergers, Hoogduytse, Oosterlingers, Westfaalders, Bergse, Gulikse, Kleefse, en voorts allerhande Moffen, Poepen [=Buben?], Knoete, Hannekemaaijers en andere groepen die ’t gras nog tussen de tanden steekt”.

(cit. in Gaastra 2001-2009, p. 97)

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