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Johannes Vermeer & 17th Century life in Delft

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Private lectures / Vermeer Tours, Full Programme in English

Visit Vermeer's home and the artist's studio. Study the architectural floor plans. Enter the house in 3D to see the full inventory of all household objects. Presentation of internet movies.
Bezoek het Vermeerhuis en studio. Klik op de plattegronden. Kom binnen en beleef het interieur met alle huishoudelijke voorwerpen. Met Filmpjes.

'View of Delft' by Johannes Vermeer, a guided tour.
'Gezicht op Delft' van Johannes Vermeer, een wandeling met uitleg.
'Ansicht von Delft' von Johannes / Jan Vermeer, eine Führung.
'Vue de Delft' de Johannes Vermeer, une visite guidée du tableau

Fly over Delft 1660 in 3D. Another 'View of Delft', a Birds' eye flight View 1660
Vlieg over Delft 1660 in 3D. Nog een 'Gezicht op Delft', een andere vogelvlucht uit 1660
Flug über Delft 1660 in 3D. Ein Flug in Delft, 1660
Vol au dessus de Delft 1660 en 3D. Vol d'oiseau, Delft 1660

Kees in Delft (movie 1) + Perspective method (movie 2) + Kees double performance as Art Historian & Masseur 9 minute (Movie 3, English dubbing)

Kees in dubbelportret als Kunsthistoricus & Masseur (9 min. Windows media) + Kees idem (9 min, format iPhone Movie)

Vermeer's birth house. Research overview of little-known facts

Vermeer's geboortehuis. Overzicht van research over verborgen feiten

QuickTime movies:

Walking with Vermeer through Historical Drawings of the South Gates of Delft Virtual Reality (after Jan Vermeer, View of Delft).
Een 3D wandeling met Vermeer door historische tekeningen van de zuidelijke poorten van Vermeer's Delft.
Einen dreidimensionaler Spaziergang mit Vermeer durch Zeichnungen - Suedliche Vermeer-Tore in Delft.

The ships on View of Delft; exact dating of this outstanding painting
De schepen op Het Gezicht op Delft; exacte datering van dit buitengewone schilderij
Eine Genaue Datierung des Ansicht von Delft von Johannes Vermeer (Kürzfassung)

Was Johannes Vermeer's The Little Street Located at Nieuwe Langendijk 22-26?
Het Straatje van Johannes Vermeer - op het adres Nieuwe Langendijk 22-26 in Delft?
Est-ce que "La petite rue" de Johannes Vermeer se trouvait au Nieuwe Langendijk 22-26 à Delft ?

Hot news: Little Street. The Correct Spot identified by a colleague in 2015

Members of the Guild of St Luke in Delft including Vermeer. Clickable map.
Leden van het St Lucas Gilde in Delft inclusief Vermeer
Mitglieder des St Lukas Zunft in Delft mit Vermeer.

A 20.000 word academic essay on Vermeer & Visual Perception in English

.. 'Six Ways to Vermeer' from Radio Netherlands World Service

31st March 2004, Radio Netherlands World Service has focused on Delft and Vermeer in a radio broadcast interview with Anthony Bailey, Philip Steadman and Kees Kaldenbach, recorded in 2004. The programme is called 'Six Ways to Vermeer' and is now available in a 40MB MP3 format on this web site.

Breaking news: Radio interview in Dutch, about Vermeer, on Dutch national radio, November 19, 2015.



.. Private Lectures and a Private Guided Tour by a noted Vermeer specialist. Vermeer. Rembrandt. Van Gogh.

Experience the fabulous Vermeer paintings in Amsterdam and The Hague in a new light. Imagine being received as a privileged guest of honor at the home of a Vermeer scholar, receiving a lecture or tour. English, German, Dutch, Japanese.


For the Vermeer estate, see the Digital Vermeer House


Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt exhibition, 2015.

Rijksmuseum 2005

Drs. Kaldenbach has lectured widely and has performed on TV for CNN, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, DKR Danish national TV, NPS Dutch national TV, NTV Japanese national TV and other television and radio stations. Newspaper interviews in Nishinippon (2012) and Yomiuri Shimbun (2004)

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April 2011: Kaldenbach was recipient of the WikiDelft prize. Clipping below from the newspaper Haagsche Courant


More about the author.

Photo: Art historian in acton, 2013. BBC 4 TV programme shoot in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, March 28, 2013 just before the formal opening. Kaldenbach in red jacket. Behind the middle cameraman is the presenter and interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon, nicknamed "the art pope". The TV director approaching from the right.

Vermeer's art has many fascinating and hidden qualities. His motto could have been "The art is to conceal the art". In Latin: 'Ars est celare artem'. He plays with our perception. And makes us look at his painting again and again and makes us wonder and we stand there saying "Hmmm..." for five to ten minutes in stead of just two seconds.


New Research, Mannheimer: almost bought the best Vermeer: The Art of Painting (now in Vienna)


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