Delft Artists & Patrons

Painters and Clients in Delft. Clickable map with pinpoint addresses and descriptions of more than 140 painters and 130 clients in 17 th Century Delft.

For the map in the Dutch version, click Kaart in Nederlandse versie. Deze kaart is niet electronisch aanklikbaar.

New Searchable Database. The seventeenth century Delft St Luke Guild Book is now completely available online. In this Guild Book not only fine art painters were entered, but also painters-in-the-rough, Delft blue potters (faience painters) and other craftsmen. Choose to browse book 1 spanning 1613-1649 or book 2, spanning 1650-1714. A simplified chronological list shows only fine art painters, initially published by J.M. Montias is also provided. A full presentation is on view at

Launched 16 February 2001; Last update March 1, 2017.