Nicolaes van Assendelft (after 1627-1662). His parents, who belonged to the marginal group of the Remonstrant religion, had married in 1628.

Nicolaes finally became a "Chirurgijn" (Surgeon) and he published on Harvey's new theory of blood circulation. (Compare Van Leeuwenhoek's theory on the same subject). Nicolaes died on Koornmarkt at the time of his early death. He owned a painting collection which included the Vermeer painting "Juffer spelend op Clavecimbel" (Young Lady at the Clavichord/Virginal), probably one of the two paintings now in London, at the National Gallery. Sale Delft 1711.

In Delft we find Vermeer paintings in the private art collections of Pieter Claesz van Ruijven, Hendrick Ariaensz. van Buyten, Johannes de Renialme, Cornelis van Assendelft, Cornelis de Helt and Gerard van Berckel.

Wijsenbeek may be erroneous when she states that his widow owned the collection of fine paintings. Houtzager 1979 claims he never married; upon his death, when he was under 34 years of age, his paintings were inherited by his mother, Adriana Anthon, then the widow of Alewijn Claesz van Assendelft, the father of Nicolaes.

His painting collection (as listed by Wijsenbeek) included a portrait of the sitter by Verkolje (no value stated), a Palamedes (f. 10,-), a Van Ostade, 'Man with Beer mug', f 25,- ; Jan Steen, 'Amorous old Man with Woman', f 36,- ; a Wouwerman f 25,- ; an anonymous 'Judgement' for f 50,- and a further collection of Delft and other Dutch paintings.

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