Johannes de Renialme (c.1600-1657) Amsterdam-based painting dealer. In Guild in 1644. In 1632 he lived in De Clock mette Croon (Crowned Clock) on the west side of Dircklangesteeg. In 1643 he married the Delft Catherina d'Overdaghe. A later house was on Oude Delft. Included in his inventory was the (now lost) Vermeer painting "Een graft besoekende" (Three Mary's visiting Christ's Grave), valued at 20 guilders.

In Delft we find Vermeer paintings in the private art collections of Pieter Claesz van Ruijven, Hendrick Ariaensz. van Buyten, Johannes de Renialme, Cornelis van Assendelft, Cornelis de Helt and Gerard van Berckel.

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