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- Pleasant lessons on full body massage for those beginners who want to master the first ABC

- Masterclasses for professional masseurs and masseuses in Amsterdam:

Enjoying a personal massage class. Models available to work on, usually for an extra fee.

Alternatively a two-person massage class in which you come as a couple.

Location: At my practice or at your home or hotel room.


October 2014: "Namaste Kees, It was a wonderful meeting and learning from you. Bruce says it was also a pleasure watching you and seeing how your techniques and spirit make such a difference. I was in quite a lovely energy space when I left. I found myself smiling as I used to do years ago when I left yoga classes with my wonderful teacher who left for another life adventure when cancer overtook his body. We both very much look forward to the next time we meet again. Stay safe always,
Mireille and Bruce"


July 2016: "I really enjoyed my holistic massage from Kees. Complete relaxation and serenity." Kerry R.


Below a short example of Carezza massage, January, 2013.





Below a short example of Foot and Calves massage, January, 2013.


Special massages

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The professional masseur Toby Joynt works as masseur in California, USA. By law he was required to complete 750 hours of massage training in the USA.

Toby came here to Amsterdam in July, 2008 for a masterclass.

"Dear Drs. Kaldenbach
    I just wanted to send you my thanks for your exceptional instruction.  Your master class was both enlightening and enjoyable.   Your  knowledge of the human body was impressive but your connection to the soul is what really sets you apart from all other instructors I have worked with.  I only wish I would have had more time to spend with you!  I will be sure to look you up next time I return to Amsterdam.  Thank you again for all your hard work!
Wishing you all the best, Your friend,
Toby Joynt"

I invite you to try taking private massage lessons. If necessary I will provide either a male of a female model who will be enjoying the massage on the table. Alternatively, you can along one trusted companion to the massage class. Read more reports.

After performing some opening exercises, loosening the body by breathing and some relaxation exercises, the one who will receive massage will be on the massage table.

To the left of this table is the experienced masseur, touching with two hands. To the right hand side of the table is the partner/student, somebody willing to explore the art of massage. That student also touches with two hands. In many cases it will be a couple who wish to receive a joint lesson.

I prefer to work four hands massage in peace and quiet, with a few remarks here and there. By the quiet, careful way of working the student is slowly able to master the art. By checking so now and then whether all is well with the one who receives, a respectul line of communication remains open. After some time a switch of active and passive partner is possible if desired.

Massage works by means of the quiet, healing power of human touch; the most direct contact without words between one person and another. It influences your total well being - not only of the skin itself, but of the entire person. Massage has miraculous therapeutic powers.

Both the people receiving and giving massage are not simply concerned with just an arm, leg or back, but bring to it their totality as a human being. During the massage, they stand at the outer limit of the skin - the most sensitive and largest human organ - and thus at the outer limit of the physical self. At its very best, the massage session forms a platform of bliss in a world sometimes full of stress and pressure. Massage enables you to experience quality time. The result is the release of energies and endorphins. Make an appointment and discover how good it feels.

Photos left and right: Jeroen Leclercq,

Quiet and Trusting

Giving and receiving massage takes place in inner calmness and concentration on the basis of serenity and trust.

The massage which I give is slow; known as 'holistic' or 'intuitive'. The technnique makes use of two full hands on the client, and is aimed at relaxation. In the best of cases it may trigger - in the one who receives - an inner sensation of flow, peace, serenity and bliss. The body relaxes in enjoyment and the mind may soar as well. My motivation lies in the pleasure of giving and receiving.


Structure of a Session

Initially the body is fully covered with a cloth made out of the finest French linen. After a a few minutes of pulsing, I uncover one body part at the time. The have learned to massage these body parts: in a table massage the head, neck, shoulders, back and the sides, arms and hands ; upper chest ; ribs, stomach, buttocks (if you wish), legs and last but not least, both feet.

I also enjoy doing pulsing and stretching. It is also possible to perform a quiet dance, in which the person who receives massage fully accepts the slow limb movements and relaxation.

Within a session of a good hour a choice is made by the client of the body parts mentioned above; this selection is geared both towards the situation and the needs of the one who gives and receives. Before starting I do appreciate a short talk and perhaps some loosening the muscles and grounding the body.

At the end of the session various parts of the body have been touched with energy and care; regaining the sense of unity of the body is reached by the repeated feathery light trace on the whole body of 'energizing finishing strokes'

Thus the whole session takes just over an hour.

I enjoy exchanging - but can also just give massages. A handicap is no objection. Yet I will not treat serious medical conditions as I am not a licensed physiotherapist.

I do speak Dutch, English, German and also some French and Italian and I have studied at the Amsterdam Free University (Vrije Universiteit); hence my title is Drs.

Lichaam & Ziel [Body & Soul] is my company name; I can receive at my home. Alternatively I could visit you in the Amsterdam area; then I will drive to you taking my professional massage table.

Above: Here I am giving massage class in a sauna!



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Center for Applied Massage Art - Kees Kaldenbach, Haarlemmermeerstraat 83hs, 1058 JS Amsterdam (near Surinameplein, ring road exit s106, tram 1 and 17). Telephone 020 669 8119; cell phone 06 - 2868 9775. Open seven days a week.

I give this massage at various addresses: at my home address (see above), or at your own home or at your hotel.

Masseur Kees Kaldenbach is collaborating with a number of masseurs and masseuses in Amsterdam. He is also active as a masseur in the finest and most luxurious hotels.

Lichaam & Ziel [Body & Soul] is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce,

Update May 2016.