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Below a short example of Neck - Shoulder - Back massage, January, 2013.



Client reviews and testimonials:

Dear teacher Kees,
It was very pleasant to work with you.
Thank you very much for sharing your talent to make people more happy and healthy.
I am so happy to meet such a person like you and get more knowledge and insight.
It was wonderful time!!! Thank you very much!!!

Best regards,
Your student, Julia

2017: A session in VolksHotel, Amsterdam. Thanks for putting me at ease. Wonderful soft, sensitive session. I will return soon to Amsterdam for another good time with you. Thanks again. Lisa.


2017: Thanks so much.. Great session for me and my wife. Two tables, Shared bliss. Calm atmosphere with a cup of tea beforehand. Chris.


2015: Recommended for a deep tissue session, working the knots out of my muscles. Tim


2008-2017: I have returned to Kees again and again and again. After trying out other masseurs and hands, I see that only Kees has a kind of X-ray vision, homing in on those parts of my neck, shoulder, back that need immediate attention. Albert.


February 12, 2004. "Kees is a very comforting person - in combination with good techniques and a healing touch. Highly recommendable to all levels of relaxation wanted or searched for. Thanks Kees."

Stephanie, age 22, originally from New Jersey, USA.

February 3, 2004. "Hi, I am Antonino, age 30, from the town of Messina, Sicily, Italy and while in Amsterdam I found doctor* Kees all the way on top in the Google list on "Amsterdam Massage" so I had high hopes. In receiving the actual massage I had a wonderful and unique experience. There is a great quality of touch, which is not al all mechanical but interested, and committed, like slow food. The whole experience seems like flying for me. I found that doctor* Kees was very open in communicating the choice of technique and the amount of pressure. The only thing I would change for next time around? It should be a full 2 hours next time! I felt at home, not like a client but like a friend of the family. Next time around I will certainly come back here."

* Please note that while Antonino calls me 'dottore' or doctor, I am not a medical doctor. My title is Drs. 

February 16, 2004. "Kees gives a massage with much feeling and attention to personal preference. The massage - with its "pulsing" technique was my favourite part - was very relaxing and yet invigorating - surely to be recommended! It was the best massage I have ever experienced in Amsterdam." Keith, 31 years old, Amsterdam. (Translated from the Dutch).

March 26, 2004. A happy group of five women (ethnically Surinam-Hindustani) organized a bachelorette party, in order to celebrate an upcoming wedding. One of them asked me to teach a four-handed massage. The group came to my home, relaxed and massaged in two separate rooms. Aarti, who had organised the bachelorette party wrote:

"Very relaxing and soothing - this may best describe the four-hand massage. And not unimportant, Kees gives you a feeling of trust right away. A pleasant experience which we wouldn't have missed for the world." Aarti, Amsterdam.

May 22, 2004. Wedding bells! D&J got married and as a surpise gift from one of their guests they received a holistic massage during a full hour. We made it a loving session of four-hands relaxation on the wedding day.

May 24 2004. "Kees' massage-touch is extraordinary. It is not just the superb touch of a pair of strong, fine warm hands, giving peace and care. There also is a quality of an extra energy. I sense it." Ineke, Amsterdam.

August 4 2004. On my birthday I was given the massage as a present from my children. Until Kees rang the door I had not been told and I was startled... but fifteen minutes later I was already enjoying myself on the massage table, giving myself over to the flow of the event. The oil felt so good on my skin! Ms. L.R., Amsterdam.



Below a short example of Back and Buttock massage, January, 2013.


August 2004. "Anyone familiar with holistic massage will agree with me that Kees does his work with love and full attention. In our Western world we are surely too much familiar with a local, businesslike and cold approach to that one painful body spot. That spot is a bit tense, because that one sore spot is connected with the rest of the body.

In Oriental cultures massage is part of life like eating and drinking. And that is the way I like to see it. At Kees there is ample space for personal preferences, such as the amount of pressure or extra attention for shoulders, head and legs. A sure bet for those who go for TOTAL relaxation." Marjo from Amsterdam.

September 2004: For the benefit of employees of Foundation Stichting 4life (a foundation dealing with Aids awareness and Aids prevention for youngsters) I performed a marathon chair massage sessionduring a company party. Inside a beach pavillion at IJmuiden, some 16 employees enjoyed a wonderful massage of the face, neck, shoulders and back. Everyone received some 15 to 20 minutes of this massage, according to their preference. "We fondly remember this massage! A quite welcome and powerful bliss. Because of this the whole evening turned out to be relaxed and cheerful and sociable. Thanks again! Kind regards." Annick.

September 2004: In a room at the Amsterdam offices of Icelandair Airlines I gave a series of chair massages for five employees. This was related to an inter-company "Health Week".

"We have enjoyed your massage a lot." Marcel wrote.

 October 2004: "Wonderful. You are a master." Jim from Colorado, USA, age about 70.

October 2004, at the end of a wonderful hotel massage session: "Please give me your card so I can refer you to my friends." Ms. L. from Hong Kong.

October 2004: Kristien (just three months pregnant) and her girlfriend Karin came here for a pregnancy massage. After the initial talk and menu choices Kristien opted for a massage of the backbone, sacrum, and neck and shoulders. She was positioned on her side in order to safeguard the belly.

Kristien:"I found it to be nice and relaxing, with a respectful approach."

Karin: "For me it was a wonderful and sensitive experience just to watch."

October 2004. Two girlfriends aged 21 years, one Swiss and the other Dutch, came to my practice together. They received a separate massage (while the other watched in the same room) and during the last 15 minutes of each session I invited the waiting friend to join in for a 4-hand massage. The four hands traveled extremely slowly upwards, in an Esalen-technique crosswise over the body, from foot to the raised elbow.

S. said: "How beautiful the body is. What pure magic. I have never touched my friend in such a way."


Below a short example of Foot and Calves massage, January, 2013.

October 2004. Marieke, age 28 years, experienced Esalen "total bliss and relaxation". The Egyptian Princess technique in particular gave her a beautiful moment of "total surrender".

November 2004. Mascha came here for a trial massage. "You give massage with total surrender. I feel great receiving it, especially with the Esalen crosswise over my body. I will become a regular customer and I am going to send my husband as well."

November 2004. Fawaz from Lebanon, about 60 years old, received a massage on my table. "I do not know the word 'Holistic' for massage - but you have created something very wonderful."

November 2004: For fifteen employees of the child daycare center 'Kwetternest' I gave a series of chair massages, distributed over two working days. "The whole team is enthused" said the ofice clerk.

Christi Telman the director, wrote: "The staff quite appreciated the massage. Thanks a lot."

L.: "When you ended with the facial massage, and that session ended with the lightest of toch, suddenly there was a flame of energy. Miraculous. Very special." One of the child minders came for a second massage. "Strong warm hands. A good touch which yields trust immediately".

November 2004: During a series of free trial massages at the Mirror Centre, Amsterdam P. indicated after the cross-wise Esalen massage: "I felt the energy come up and I sensed that the layers underneath my skin started to tingle and come alive."

November 2004: Also at the Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: L. responded to the softness of the Calm Caress massage: "I felt just like a swan who glides over the silent water."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: P. also after the Calm Caress massage: "This is a unique sensory experience - what total outer space bliss."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: L. gave her response after the energetic Calm Caress massage "Never realized that this kind of wonderful touch existed as a massage as well."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: A female client - having experienced sexual abuse during her youth - reported after the holistic Esalen massage: "I myself am a professional masseuse and all my life I have received massages - but very seldom have I experienced such deep and full and trusted touch. My inner block thus melted away quickly. A beautiful and deep experience."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: M. after the cross-wise Esalen massage: "Sublime."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: K. indicated after the Calm Caress: "Your minimal touch on my skin by your finger tips and the top side of your hand and arm - all of that yields a maximum effect. Bliss and grand yumminess. - full of energy."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: As a response to the cross-wise Esalen, Mariska reported: "Bliss. As a grade I would give an A minus or rather a full A."

November 2004: Mirror Centre, Amsterdam: W. after the cross-wise Esalen massage "I am a masseuse myself and during my life I have received tons of massages, but with you I sensed that quality that one so seldom encounters, surrender, the love and the total dedication in touch, and that is also due to your own pleasure in touching."

November 2004: M.: "My girlfriends' appetite was quite whetted by your massage - and now I want one for myself too."

November 2004: Connie booked the massage session well ahead by e-mail. When reading the client testimonials on this web site she felt: "I gotta have this masseur". After an hour of the regular session in the hotel room her husband was invited in to help give a 4-hand session. Later Connie wrote: "My / Our massage was a moment to remember - an experience. Something that's yearned - but rarely achieved. Thanks for the altering touch - it enhanced all and will always be an everlasting mind/body experience. Happy Holidays. Connie, Detroit, MI. - Everyone should experience !!!."

December 2004, Berlin. " I am female and a masseur myself and its hard to find somebody who gives a massage in a way that I really love. For me it has to be strong, but careful and it should be fun as well. With Kees it really has been all of that.I loved the vibrating ellbow on my back and the fact that he has a big range of pressure qualities you can choose from. He makes you feel welcome and you may be sure you will be relaxed after a massage session with Kees!!Thank you Kees!" Gunda, age 26.

 March 2005. Jeanette traveled from The Hague to Amsterdam - as she had been struck on this web site by the openness in the various texts. She asked and received a tantra introduction and afterwards a Soft Caress massage. In the tantra intruduction there was both closeness and a training in being able and being allowed to saying "yes" or "no". This way the final direction remained on Jeanette's side all the way. "I wish to thank you for the delicious tantra massage. I experienced it as quite warm and yummy, the Soft Caress is delicious. I have enjoyed it. Quite soon you gave me a feeling of trust by your warm attention. I do hope to make a new appointment soon. With love from Jeannette and see you next time around!"

March 2005. Massage at Kees' practice; " - the combination of van professionality and love - this results in a massage which brings not only immediate tranquility to my body but also my spirit. Quiet music in the background, a nice cup of tea and Kees taking ample time to find out which way to direct his massage attention ... results in pure yumminess for yourself..." R.H., a woman, 28 years old.

March, 2005. C.d.W., a woman aged 28 yeard booked a holistic massage, a choice based on the many texts of this web site. Afterwards she gave this review: "It was an incredible wonderful experience. Top of the bill. The touch felt trusted, loving, good all the way. Thank you for giving this warm massage and checking so now and then whether you indeed remained within my borders of safety. That gave me a nice feeling of trust."

June 2005. Aljana from Slovenia came here for a number of massage sessions. "I would like to thank you for the opportunity to receive your massage technique and philosophy. It was really a wonderful experience :-). By listening the CD you gave to me I exactly remember the atmosphere at your house. The beauty of the light in the room, the beauty of giving and receiving touch, the beauty of music, the beauty of knowledge, the beauty of being a human, the beauty of tranquility, the beauty of being relaxed. Thank you very much. With kind regards, Aljana."

July, 2005, by email from a client from India: " Yesterday, I have received a tremendous massage by your expert hands. Today I feel super. I would like to thank you again for this massage. Till next time around and kind regards, V." (Translated from Dutch). [Answer: That good vibe is triggered by your endorphins; these natural hormones have actually been produced by your own body during the massage I gave you. Those endorphins may circulate a few days and cause an elated feeling!]

A married couple from Amsterdam requested massage lessons on a holististic basis. "The massage lesson given by Kees were a joyous and educational event. Kees gives full attention both to explaining and teaching techniques (that is - the correct posture and basic rules) as well as a good feeling for the way of making human contact in a loving way, remaining in the very moment. Thanks! M and F.

September 2005. Photomodel Dawan Mazzu received a holistic massage. She responded by sharing a story and and promising: "Thank you Kees for the great massage! I will call on you again next year! Blessings, Dawan Mazzu"

October 2005. Patricia from Spain wrote: "I feel very happy ... since the massage I have experienced such a great weekend ... I really feel with more energy and love in all my skin and body and soul since then ... it's amazing! :) The power of energy and affection. I feel much better also as health is concerned...

January, 2006: "Two words: Liberating and Sublime." S. from Amsterdam.

January 2006: "Fabulous!" Paula from Ireland.

March, 2006, in New York City. "Kees and I met by chance, when he emailed the Swedish massage institute that I work and teach in about trading massages with a "Master". While I consider myself well skilled, with three years in the field, I don't feel quite like a "master". We arranged to meet and exchange massages while he was in the USA for a visit.
I was thrilled to be able to be a client and to experience a slightly different approach to massage than we do here in NYC. His touch is at once deliberate and confident, while being gentle and soothingly therapuetic.
Kees has a warmth and ease about himself that makes one instantly comfortable. (a quality that massage therapists should all possess, but few do!) His strokes are deep, well planned and invite one to succumb to the relaxation one craves. While the room and atmosphere we worked in wasnt quite conducive to a fabulous massage, his hands and techniques more than made up for that shortcoming. (I hear his studio in Amsterdam is welcoming and relaxing.)
The real treat though comes when you turn over and lie supine. His menu of choices is an extraordinary and unique touch that I thoroughly appreciated.
In many massage sessions, if your masseur doesn't watch the clock appropriately, you can be cheated out of time and techniques, and it can ruin the experience of the massage. What Kees has done by offering his menu choices, he allows you to pick 2 or 3 specific areas that need to be addressed anteriorly and concentrates his energies there. It is totally client centered and makes you feel attended to, heard and quite frankly totally blissfull.
I am anxiously looking forward to a trip to Amsterdam so I can partake in another session.

Try him, I can assure you, you will come away relaxed and refreshed and blissful!!
All the Best"
Croix Picoriello, LMT/NYC USA"

Four-hand massage is not only is suitable for lovers and/or intimate friends. Members of a family can also celebrate by making use of this form of massage.

"Together with my daughter Suzanne I visited Amsterdam in May, 2006 in order to celebrate my fifty-eighth birthday. On this unique day I wished to give myself and my daughter something very special and so I made an appointment with Kees for a four-hand massage.
Directed by Kees, we entered into a spiritual massage and thus infused our close mother / daughter relationship with another dimension. We worked in the here and now, with full focus, and we shared our energies and these were then multiplied by four. The way of touch of our hands went in a natural and loving way. Both in giving and in receiving it was a fabulous experience and I am aware what great present we have given each other. With kind regards, Ank "

'I was lucky to find your card in my hotel lobby.  I appreciate the exceptional skill and love which you so generously share in your massage.  I will be sure to contact you each time I am in Amsterdam.  All the best' Donna from the UK

November 2007. In the course of the last 30 years, Dr. Russell has received thousands of massages by the best and foremost therapists in the USA and in countries in the Far East. He sais: Thank you for your excellent massages in the Okura Hotel for me and my son (who now studies bodywork). Your type of massage could be best described as Esalen+Yogi. You could actually be a very good teacher at the Esalen Institute in California. Dr. Russell.

November 2007. Judith and Harold came here as a married couple and took consecutive massages, the two of them attending in the same room. It resulted in a laugh and an emotional tear for both.
Judith: "At the end Kees said: "Wonderful that you have opened up yourselves so much." I thought, to be open is to be honest towards oneself and to one's own body. By receiving Kees' honest treatment the rest flows by itself... the deep pleasure of this massage is in the truly recognized contact, the level of honesty."
Harold: "A miracle that so much softness can go so deep. And that so much power can feel so soft."


January 2008.

Miss S. from Zürich said in the hotel room: "Dass heisst auf Deutsch: Ganzheitliche Massage". "Could you please teach this amazing 'ganzheitliche' quality of touch to my boyfriend?"

February, 2008.

Anne requested and enjoyed a session in a hotel room.
"I so thoroughly enjoyed our time together and the massage you gave restored sparkle to an exhausted body. I rarely feel so relaxed and open with a new masseur and you made me feel so at easy and comfortable. I can assure you that I won't be visiting Amsterdam in the future without giving you a call and I will happily recommend you to any and all of my traveling friends. I also left a glowing recommendation with the owner of the hotel, Pascal, and I hope that she will be sending more clients your way." Anne Henderson.

March, 2008.

Renate is a physiotherapist and masseuse. She met me during the Onkruid fair where I had a stand and said: " I looked at your Menu and have the fullest of admiration for the unique work you do. You succeed in presenting highly personal and creative mix out of three fields: Holistic massage, caress touch, without going into the field of regular sexuality." Renate, 45 years old.


June, 2008. Mireille and Kees were invited to go to the Amsterdam hotel room of Ingrid (age 28) and Herman (age 35) for a massage in tantra style, only for Ingrid. Herman had previous Tantra experiences and wanted to initiate Ingrid in that fine energy. Herman had heard of Kees' qualities from a former client in Sweden. When Kees and Mireille entered the hotel room they found Ingrid sitting in the arms of Herman and a bit scared and withdrawn as if she was unsure whether all of this was a good idea. After a half hour of getting to know each other we set up the table and started the massage, first a medium strong massage of her back area in order to make her feel safe. Then the soft part of the massage began, with silk cloths and light touch, fingertips, brushes... and we were feeding her small pieces of exotic fruit as well to entice the senses of smell and taste. Later on she fully openend up and was breathing and smiling and enjoying the experience freely. Herman was just watching in bliss how the enjoyment unfolded. "I am so incredible happy to have given her this experience.". The four of us ended on the big hotel bed, laying there and all softly caressing Ingrid who lay naked like a princess-goddess.


August 2008. "Dear Kees, Two months ago I went to your place for the first time, in order to get a holistic body massage. Actually I had no idea what to expect. I had been looking for a masseur for some time and time and again I returned to your site. Instinctively I knew that I had to be with you. As my body has been ill for a long time, I dissociate from it, as it hurts too much. Through this massage I hope to regain contact with my body. I soon felt at home with you.

You have an open eye and ear for your client, and that is deep contact... I had never been massaged before so I cannot compare styles. What I know is that Kees knows what he is doing, that he is very skillful and professional. So I returned home in a relaxed way. Obviously I knew that one session would not be enough to return in to my body. but is was absolutely a good experience and I was ready for a repeat session.

A week ago I received a muscle pain session as I have severe pains in my hands and feet. This session was painful at times, but at least a root cause was found of the possible muscle problem. This gives me the hope that my complaints will diminish. My partner (husband) has been put to work so he can continue treatment at home, and that is quite a job. Super thanks, Kees for your attention and time!" Marjanne.

March, 2008.
Helen from Rumania text mailed me "Thank you again for last night, it was new, unique and fulfilling experience. I might consider the advice you gave on playfriends. Let me know if you come to London."

August 2010.

Today I experienced the very first tears of joy... welling up slowly in my closed eyes, tears of abundance, goodness, wholeness, really for the first time in my life. Before that moment I knew only of tears of pain and sorrow. Thank you so much for this experience of opening me up. I felt so full and oceanic and safe.

(Anna, in a Hotel room massage with husband present)


Summer 2011. Jenny stayed in the luxury Grand hotel, Amsterdam. During the daytime she followed a top level course in IT. At night she felt a bit scared to enter the lesbian night life. By requesting a male masseur she felt she would stay true to the vows to her partner in life. She googled around and read and trusted this web site. Later on she wrote to me: "Dear Kees, The massage was great, and really helped me to remove the tension and unwind.  Also conversation with you was easy, which made me feel at ease with you straight away. When I am next in Amsterdam I will be sure to look you up! Many thanks Jenny".


Summer 2011. Mathieu, from Paris, very powerful body, almost a body builder. In a hotel room. He asked for a powerful deep tissue massage. He told me that in Paris he is visiting a circle of masseurs and masseuses. "But you are better. What is this particular style you are trained in?"

11 August 2011. Melanie, a lawyer, about 30 yrs old, works near WTC, coles here for a session for her own messeuse is on vacation. She has taken massages everywhere in Amsterdam once a month for many years. The meeting here and session on the table are a feast. After an hour and a quarter her boyfriend enters to pick her up.

Melanie: "This was absolutely the best massage ever in my life ".

Boyfriend: "She should be able to tell - because she is a pro in taking massages."

18 Okt 2011. "It was a pleasure to have received massage from you. Yesterday evening I had one of the best massages ever and I look forward to come back from vacation and experience it again

and again."

Serge, born in Brazil

18 Okt 2011.

"Do you realize what great gift it was, that you gave to me yesterday? You actively make a significant difference in somebody's life."


Elisabeth, 40 years, November 2011:

"For the one who has fallen under the ice, it is hard to do just that which seems counter-intuitive: for we are set to go towards the light. Under the ice, instead, we need to look for dark spots in order to survive. Making the massage appointment looked just like that: searching for the dark spot, hoping it would bring more lightness within myself.

After having experienced a sexually traumatic situation, I wanted to give myself, on my birthday, an unforgettable experience. In the past I have felt very unsafe and I had trouble aligning my head and my body. I had a hope that my 'thinking' would turn into 'feeling' and I would gain 'knowledge'. Something within me pointed towards Kees. I had visited his web site and read the experiences of other people with their pain on the inside.

And I was not let down. That night Kees has given me a marvelous gift with his healing hands. I have become amazed with myself that night. From that moment onI regularly visit Kees and time and again I experience the healing power of his nurturing hands.
Kees always tunes in to see in what state I am and all that has to surface during the session is welcome. The dark and the light. Thank you, Kees, for switching on the thaw in my body experience, by means of your warm way of being."


December 2011

During my first visit to Kees, it was my first massage experience. What a revelation! Kees gave me the feeling of being in safe and knowing hands (that is very important to me) and gave me a wonderful and relaxing massage. Kees has a rich list of massage choices. These days I come to Kees every month. Now I have enrolled in a training to become a holistic masseuse and having experienced other hands, those of Kees certainly remain number 1. By the way - I have also done a city walk with Kees - he is also an art historian. That can also be recommended! Els.

December 2011 - For over 7 years - once every six weeks or so - I enjoy the massage given by Kees. My all time favourite is the holistic masage. It is pure wellness for body and spirit. Kees is very knowledgeable, takes plenty of time and treats you with all due respect.




Dear teacher Kees,
It was very pleasant to work with you.
Thank you very much for sharing your talent to make people more happy and healthy.
I am so happy to meet such a person like you and get more knowledge and insight.
It was wonderful time!!! Thank you very much!!!

Best regards,
Your student, Julia





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Kees Kaldenbach writes: I enjoy massage exchange with gifted professionals - but can also just give a massage session. A handicap is no objection. However, I will not treat serious medical conditions as I am not a licensed physiotherapist. A graduate of the the Free University (Vrije Universiteit) Amsterdam, I speak Dutch, English, German and as well as some French and Italian. Lichaam & Ziel [Body & Soul] is the name of my company; I can receive clients at my home, at Beautylinks (see below) or visit you in the Amsterdam area; my professional massage table is portable. For prices please call or email me. A client bringing in a new customer receives an one time E 10,- rebate.


Reaction, questions? Center for Applied Massage Art - Kees Kaldenbach, Open seven days a week. I give massage at several adresses: at home: Haarlemmermeerstraat 83h, 1058 JS Amsterdam (between Hoofddorplein and Surinameplein, ring road exit s106, trams 1,2 and 17). Telephone 020 669 8119; cell phone 06 - 2868 9775. Alternatively at your home or hotel. Masseur Kees Kaldenbach cooperates with a number of masseurs and masseuses in Amsterdam. He is also active as a masseur in the finest and most luxurious hotels. Lichaam & Ziel [Body & Soul] is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. Version Française.

Background Philosophy inspired by Wilhelm Reich: A quotation from the book by Priscilla Kapel: 'The Body Says Yes: Muscle Testing Tunes into your Body's Needs', 1981. "The human body has been cherished since time immemorial..."