Private guided walking tour in the historic center of Delft,

themes include Vermeer & the Seventeenth-Century world of art and commerce

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Subjects: History, Art History and Architecture. Academic tour by scholar-lecturer, art historian Drs. Kees Kaldenbach*


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"Dear Kees,

Phenomenal! Touring with you was like being friends with the top curator of a major art museum.

Your mountain of knowledge allowed you to zig and zag with our questions and flow seamlessly back into your captivating analysis.

Thank you for engaging each and every family member. It was a delight to be with you, and we feel lucky to have had the experience.

Leigh and Daniel Levine and family, march 2018."



Delft is situated near The Hague in the province of South Holland. The Dutch city of Delft, our educational and fun day trip, was the original seat of the revolutionary Dutch government. In Delft the Protestant leader William of Orange led the political insurrection against the lawful ruler, the Roman Catholic King of Spain. One of the main issues on which The Netherlands was founded was freedom of religion and conscience.

A walk through 21st century Delft will include the very cloister building in which William of Orange lived, worked and was finally murdered. Delft is now almost an open air museum for a number of historical reasons; letís see whether all monuments and places listed here are indeed open to the public during our visit!

On market squere we also find the Town Hall. Most of the daytime the front room of the Town Hall (above) is open to visitors. Inside you will see the wall maps and the tiled floor which made Delft famous in paintings. The Town Hall of Delft is an edifice combining many public functions.


A tour [in Delft] with Kees Kaldenbach is a true discovery!
As an art historian who works as a guide, I wanted to increase my knowledge about the city of Delft.
A walk Kees showed his work is invaluable! Kees knows all places in the city related to the life of Johannes Vermeer, as the history of numerous historic buildings and monuments. His vivid way of speaking and his enthusiasm have created three amazing and very instructive hours in this beautiful city!
His private art tour is highly recommended for (art) historians, but also for all those interested in history, art, culture and Dutch heritage.

Anja Ourikh.


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The grand New Church with its imposing spire (below) is important as the church contains William of Orangeís grave monument.


BBC television: The madness of Vermeer - Secret lives of the artists. Interviewer Andrew Graham -Dixon. Now on Youtube. At the exact time of 35 minutes, 39 seconds the interviewer interviewer Andrew Graham-Dixon parks the bike and enters my home… what you do not see in the image is the rest of the crew: lights, sound, cameraman, continuity, the director… and the item was surprisingly filmed at my home in one take. Thanks to Andrew's quality of asking the right questions at the right moment. Beforehand I had to clean up my desk, though.


Above: Voldersgracht, where Vermeer was born in 1632 and where the St Luke Guild was situated.

The beautifully situated Old Delft canal is the site of the Oude Kerk (Old Church), another major Delft church. It is also the location of the grave marker of Johannes Vermeer, the most famous painter of the Delft school. In walking these wonderful old canals we will also see the local headquarters of the United East India Company as well as many of the houses of merchants who grew rich from their international trade with the North, South, East and Far East. We will also discuss local wealth from breweries and the many Delftware workshops producing Delft Blue. A visit to a real Delft Blue workshop may be part of the itinerary.

In one hidden town square we may also find a paint store, which still looks like a store from the days of Charles Dickens. We may also enter the house where Johannes Vermeer was born, and a little further on we see the memorial plaque at the site of the house where Vermeer produced his incomparable paintings. This is the historic Vermeer marker I personally created. A visit to the newly built Vermeer center (in the former Guild Hall) giving an overview of Vermeerís life may finally conclude our Delft walking tour.

Drs Kaldenbach has created one of the most detailed web sites (+2000 items) about Delft and Vermeer. He is considered a foremost specialist on the subject.




Delft is easy to reach with public transport, by train. I hold a Dutch Railways rebate card. For this train tour I can offer you a special rebate of 40% for three separate adult railway tickets. This makes it economical for you as clients. I can join you from your hotel or from the Amsterdam train station. Various other options are open to you: a) You can hire a car and drive it yourself, and I will join you starting in Amsterdam and will advise you about the best route. b) We can hire a professional taxibus service at around E 70 per hour for about 4 to 5 hours. On top of that you will pay me as the specialist guide. This is the more expensive option.


ANWB bord, 2016.

This is a Historic Marker unveiled in 2016.

Below is my own initial historic marker.


Larger image:



With its proud maker! Having taken care of a year of red tape and funding, this has been up for a decade.


Dutch/Nederlandse version.

Research presented in November 2014 about Mannheimer: he almost bought the best Vermeer: The Art of Painting (now in Vienna)

Practical matters

An ideal combination is seeing the Vermeer paintings in the Mauritshuis, The Hague on the same day. By train.

Tour duration in Delft: 2 to 3 hours.


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As an art historian based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I can meet you in Delft for a personalized guided tours of art museums and the wonderful historic center.

Together we will experience the beauty and history. Enjoy yourself and learn about history while strolling and discussing the country's history, art and culture. In doing so, we may touch many bases - spanning not only fine art and architecture but also the city's history and current social issues. See client testimonials.

Read my biography.

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Starting at your hotel I will take you on a wonderful private cultural walking tour of your choice. My guided itinerary offers you accessable informative conversation in English, Dutch, or German (my French and Italian are more limited).

Drs. Kaldenbach is chairman of the Circle of Academic Tour Guides of the Netherlands and Flanders (CATON)

You may also arrange this VIP treatment for business contacts or friends. Our cultural tour organisation office will take care of a unique and memorable experience.

Drs. Kees Kaldenbach is your private "scholar-lecturer on culture tours" *.

*Martha Gellhorn, Travels with Myself and another, p. 182.

Please contact me for time and fees of the tailor-made tour you ar interested in.

These tailor made tours are available upon request - please contact me to book a date. Minimum group size: 1 person. Maximum group size is limited to about 10 persons. With a megaphone I can also manage larger groups on the streets.

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Photo by Dick Martin.





The Rijksmuseum has done me the honor of linking the main Rijksmuseum site to my website. Start at and select Collection. Then choose 'Digital Collaboration' and the 'Digital Vermeer House'.

I conduct Rembrandt walks in Amsterdam for the Netherlands Bureau of Tourism, London and New York City offices. Their clients include important journalists.

The travel site has devoted a main feature to my tours and walks.

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About Drs. Kees Kaldenbach:

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Drs. Kees Kaldenbach has been featured in television and radio documentaries, including BBC2 TV, NTV Japan, Danish TV and Radio Netherlands World Service. In July 2004 he was interviewed about Delft artists the Nishinippon (Japan, 2012) and by Tetsuya Tsuruhara for the leading Japanese newspaper The Yomiuri Shimbun. In 2004 and 2005 he acted in an advisory role to additional BBC teams. Kaldenbach has written extensively on Vermeer and 17th century Delft, also on Vincent van Gogh and on other art history topics.

Drs. Kees Kaldenbach is your private "scholar-lecturer on culture tours".

Further information is available on his encyclopedic web site:


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