2014-2017: Exceptional archival research on the banker and art collector Dr Fritz Mannheimer (born 1890- d. 1939), Amsterdam


Drs Kees Kaldenbach


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Full Mannheimer article 9200 words, without notes, or a separate PDF included with 130 notes.

A nasty article on Mannheimer in the German Army Magazine Signal, 1940

Mannheimer buying from Russian museums, which were forced to sell by order of Stalin

Mannheimer art as Jewish property

Visit Mannheimer's treasure in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

Mannheimer art distributed in Dutch museums (outside the Rijksmuseum)

Mannheimer art collection, nearly entirely perished in the London Blitz

Mannheimer art in museums outside Holland

Notes in Dutch: diverse aantekeningen in het Rijksarchief

An exquisite fold-out desk by Roentgen




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