Calm Caress touch,

super light *


'electrically charged'

and feathery light

super sensitive

body touches


Enjoy the famous energetical massage 'Fu Jing Tao'


Below a short example of Carezza massage, January 2013.


October 2014: "Namaste Kees, It was a wonderful meeting and learning from you. Bruce says it was also a pleasure watching you and seeing how your techniques and spirit make such a difference. I was in quite a lovely energy space when I left. I found myself smiling as I used to do years ago when I left yoga classes with my wonderful teacher who left for another life adventure when cancer overtook his body. We both very much look forward to the next time we meet again. Stay safe always,
Mireille and Bruce"

the style of Fu Jing Tao, The Way of Calm Caress



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Photos: Jeroen Leclercq,

The central idea of this energetical massage is to experience a careful, delicious soft 'electric' hovering touch. A touch which is blissful and works towards a state of calmness. A touch which yields a slight shivering sensation of full well-being. A touch which resembles the stately track of a swan traversing a lake, moving without leaving waves or traces. Inspired by Fu Jing Tao, The Way of Calm Caress, "...that is a certain vision, a first step which - by way of body and energy - may lead to spirit and Knowledge. ".*

"Be free, be open to yourself and to the person you massage; let your interior silence sing and follow your intuition without fear."*

*Jacques E. Deschamps, , Le Massage énergétique, cours complet de Fu Jing Tao, Editions Trajectoire, Paris, 2004.

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Fu Jing Tao, The Way of Calm Caress, "...that is a certain vision, a first step which - by way of body and energy - may lead to spirit and Knowledge".

In France during the summer of 2004 I have discovered and acquired the book by Jacques E. Deschamps, Le Massage énergétique, cours complet de Fu Jing Tao. Editions Trajectoire, Paris, 2004 ; with over 700 illustrations.

This method developed by Mr. Deschamps is about a slow full body massage, without using oils, taking place while the one who receives is laying on a futon on the floor. It comprises a number of varied techniques which are relatively soft in nature. It is about the touch of focused caress and soft full hands contact - not that of rubbing. The effect is a release, a give and take of light sensorial experience which takes place within a loving mutual contact

By way of the soft and continuous movements all over the whole body, along the entire skin, an effect may rise of being accepted, of wholeness, of sensuality, of vivencia, of coming home, of recovering and of inner cure.

The wholesome massage is based on contact of one human being with the other human being, and thus is a form of communication. For the one who is giving this massage technique is not a set of tricks or just an aim - it is a method of applying a good touch to try and answer deep seated needs and responses which live within the receiver. At the same time the form of touch is expressing that what rises from deep within the masseur.

The slow but almost 'electric energetic' massage has a many-sided effect on the inner motivation and attitude and the inner world of the masseur who is fully focused and there within the process. The effect for the one who receives may be wide in scope: relaxation, pleasure, getting more energy, in increase in self knowledge, growth in relationships and a spiritual opening.

The experience of energetical massage may take place in two manners :

1) individual massages which allow the receiver and the masseur to deeply experiment this method, in a climate of security and respect.

2) massage in small groups whose members do have some experience in massage and desire to explore and experiment together: walking the way to a first awareness together. Those who have enrolled may progress to a medium level group and then to a deep level group which gives a solid basis for knowledge of energetical massage which they may then practice of family members and friends.







August 2010.

Today I experienced the very first tears of joy... welling up slowly in my closed eyes, tears of abundance, goodness, wholeness, really for the first time in my life. Before that moment I knew only of tears of pain and sorrow. Thank you so much for this experience of opening me up. I felt so full and oceanic and safe.

(Anna, in a Hotel room massage with husband present)

Radiating. And very educationsl. I have had a lovely morning...

Anthony from Belguim, on a Sunday morning he drove all the way from Ghent, Belgium to Amsterdam, Holland... in order to receive this massage and try it to perform it on a female nude model.


December 2011. I am Marion. Today I received a Fu Jing Tao massage by Kees Kaldenbach.

I was not quite sure what it was, for I received this massage as a birthday present.
So I experienced this as a very positive form of massage.
Personally I like a good strong massage, but Fu Jing Tao is
instead something quite playful and subtle.
The touch is feathery light, and this feels sensational.
Crossing in a X pattern with counter movements was also quite nice.
No use is made of massage oil and yet it does not feel rough.
Warm and soft hands are required an these were present.
Exceptionally nice was the 'plum blossom' a soft rotating plucking movement. ruimenbloesem', very relaxing.
Also cupping, a sort of rubber stamping took place. With a bit more force, and this gave me a beach sensation. To lay there lazy, making sand pie!
Everybody will have their own experience. Try it! It is a real treat!


November and December 2012. Picking up flower petals from the skin is delicious, about 12 points on a scale of 10.

Marly + 5 others.


Book on Chinese Tao massage:

Book Fu Jing Tao, Le massage energetique,
by Jacques Deschamps, 2004.
Hand positions: page 143


1. Finger tip

2. Tiger Claw

3. Plum Blossom Touch

4. Double palm and finger pressure

5. Full hand - cross wise

6. Effleurage with: finger, whole hand, top hand, upper arm

7. Sliding, eg. along entire arm with soft grip, or with upper hand

8. Rotating slide

9. Press with a finger or heel of hand, or full hand

10. Rotating pressure from spine to the side for creating energy input - or towards spine for energy dissipation

11. Kneading with grip or open hand

12. Covering the body landscape, follow the landscape

13. Stretching from spine laterally, or from hollow of the back down and up... or pulling to one or more arms or legs

14. Light skin pinching between thumb, forefinger, on back, shoulder

15. Soft, flat slap on the skin and then quickly take it up, like a suction cup

16. Very soft hammer of the fist

17. Hammering with outstretched fingers / tips - Plum Blossom Tree

18. Pulling up skin and then hand to finger, finally a thread of energy lifts energy upwards





To touch someone in a massage implies being close to someones body, to be within someone's whole body and wellness, in order to allow someone to live in fullness. This makes this massage therapy a true and deep process of empowerment and health.

In short, the energetical massage cleanses the body and spirit and may trigger a process of gaining health by kickstarting natural embodied mechanisms of healing.

Workshop OPTIONS

At this moment I am open for signing up massage students in order to explore and practice the wonderful ideas in this book - in a workshop environment.


I am fluent in Dutch, English, and speak a fair bit of German / Deutsch and alimited bit of Français and Italiano.

Reaction, questions?

Center for Applied Massage Art - Kees Kaldenbach, Haarlemmermeerstraat 83 hs, 1058 JS Amsterdam (near Surinameplein, ring road exit s106, tram 1 and 17). Telephone 020 669 8119; cell phone 06 - 2868 9775. Open seven days a week.

Masseur Kees Kaldenbach is collaborating with a number of masseurs and masseuses in Amsterdam. He is also active as a masseur in the finest and most luxurious hotels.

Lichaam & Ziel [Body & Soul] is registered at the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, number  3419 6612.

I give this massage at various addresses: at my home address (see above), or at your own home or at your hotel.

For prices please call or email me.

A client bringing in a new customer gets a one time E 10,- rebate.

Update May 2016.



Tantra massage in a surprising French text by Dominique Vincent.

Cool Philosophy inspired by Wilhelm Reich

Priscilla Kapel: 'The Body Says Yes : Muscle Testing Tunes into your Body's Needs' 1981.

"The human body has been cherished since time immemorial...



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Psychological Bulletin, January 2004 highlights:


Psychologists at Illinois University have researched effectiveness of massage therapy. A series of visits to the masseur may reduce depression, anxiety and pain. Even single visits may help alleviating anxiety and pain and may reduce hypertension and a high heart rate.

Psychological Bulletin, January 2004