A visit to the South African Nirox park

and its sculpture garden

A travel report by scholar-lecturer, art historian Drs. Kees Kaldenbach*


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In the South African Cradle of Mankind, some 45 mins drive from Johannesburg, lies a landscaped park with scattered sculpture. To find this landscaped park in the middle of wild and rough South Africa is like entering in a magical Wonderland... of art and nature. It opened in 2007 and I was there for a visit in December, 2013.

Quote from the Nirox web site:

NIROX is a private foundation set in 15 hectares of an extensive nature reserve in the heart of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. NIROX comprises:
An international artists' residency programme (all arts).
A local artists' accommodation programme
A sculpture park
Related function facilities
The complex lies 45 minutes outside Johannesburg in the Gauteng Province of the Republic of South Africa.
NIROX is committed to excellence and to advance Africa's place in the global contemporary arts.

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Gate attendant.

By the entrance. Phone the staff to get in, when the gate is closed. When preparing, make a note of the phone number!




Work of sculpture in a very hard, highly polished natural stone.





A monster reminding us of Goya, looming in teh distance.



Made of earth materials and wood.

Vast landscaping




A five-tier scupture with a friend in front (for scale)



More landscaping and sculpture in the park.



Nirox park entrance

GPS Co-Ordinates : S25°59' 09.56'' E27° 46' 59.17"
Open from 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Sunday
Mondays closed
For further information please

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Author on fallen tree. Big storms just ended.



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My husband and I travel the world to stay alive -- to see with new eyes and stretch our minds. We love museums and fine food, sometimes stopping at out of the way Michelin-starred restaurants. With Drs. Kees Kaldenbach we had the best of both worlds. During the day we took a car trip to the Kröller-Möller sculpture garden and fine art museum, where we would certainly have missed the hidden staircase leading into the astonishing Jean Dubuffet's Jardin d'Email without him. Inside the museum, he gave us a humanities course on Impressionist painting, our favorite kind of art.  Later that day we drove to a picture-perfect village between Utrecht and Amsterdam, boasting a fine restaurant with one Michelin star, and there the three of us enjoyed an exquisite meal to end a perfect day. 
To fully enjoy Holland, you need a guide like Drs. Kaldenbach.   

Julia Chang Bloch 
US-China Education Trust
Washington, DC , USA

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Photo below: Kroller-Moller sculpture park in Otterlo, Holland. This is the country where I live and do my tours.


Photo: the Needle tower by Kenneth Snelson, in winter position, laying on its side and being cleaned with a high pressure hose. March 8, 2013.


Installing a new art work. Artist: Ana Maria Tavares.
Title: Secrets of the waters (for Mnemosyne).
Number: 5 parts, each 200 x 200 x 6 cm thickness, granite and stainless steel disc and letters.


I have been told by my clients that another very good art park exists in the USA: Storm King Art Center, north of New York City, in the Hudon Valley.


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Photo by Dick Martin



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