Cornelis Delff (1571-1643). Painter of kitchen scenes and large still lifes, influenced by Pieter Aertz. Also history painter. Not mentioned in Guild list.

Painted the militia (?) banners for the town of Delft in 1629 and 1641.

In 1637 the Prince of Orange paid 250 guilders for a supraporte (painting above a door) showing a fruit still life for the palace in Rijswijk, Huis ter Nieuwenburg.

We find en entry in the guild list on 1643, 16 Oct. for Adrijaen Cornelisz. Delff (?-after 1663) painter-in-the-rough, Delft. Could this be a relative?


Image: detail of a self portrait of J.W. Delff and his three sons who all became painters, Cornelis Delff, Rochus Delff and Willem Delff the younger, shown with a painting his late wife (detail, c. 1590). Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Note. H. Wichman, 'Mitteilungen über Delfter Künstler des XVII Jahrhundert, Oud Holland 42 (1925) p. 65. General literature: Jan H. Oosterloo, De Meesters van Delft, Strengholt Amsterdam, 1948: 91.



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