Willem Willemsz van den Bundel (1577-1655). According to Montias born 1575)

Landscape painter in the Flemish manner. Born in Brussels; with his family he moved via Antwerp to Amsterdam, settling in Delft in 1602 or earlier when he became an innkeeper at De Verloren Zoon (the Prodigal Son) on Voldersgracht number 12.

Worked in Amsterdam from 1607-1620. In 1619 he was one of the experts who had to value a consignment of 'Caravaggist paintings'. Upon his fathers' death in 1620 he returned to Delft; and bought a house on the south side of the Vlamingstraat canal, probably Drie Valken (Three Falcons). Entered Guild 1623-24, became headman in 1635 and 1638.

In 1650 he exchanged this house valued at 900 guilders with for another on Vlamingstraat belonging to ebony worker Anthonij van der Wiel, Vermeer's brother-in-law.

Van den Bundel was the co-guardian of Anthony van Bronchorst, the son of Willem's daughter Maritgen.

Note. GAD file Koopbrieven huiseigenaren and GAD House name file state Voldersgracht, 5th house from Papenstraat. The source GAD Huizenprotocol 246/34; 2139/667 II 480v erroneously indicates 'Vooromme'. This denotes not an address but a route taken by the tax officials in listing consecutive houses. Thus 'vooromme' means walking out of an alley onto a main street, following the front of the houses. Thieme-B. V, p. 222. Van den Bundel buys at south side of Vlamingstraet on 30 Dec. 1620 (RKD Bredius, artists folder); still lived there in 29 November 1623 (NA 1815; private communication by Montias, 2000). RKD Bredius archive, artist folder, quoting a swap of houses with an ebony worker [= Anthonij van der Wiel] who paid 1300 guilders extra (originally owning a house worth 900 guilders) and thus moves upmarket. Montias 1993, p. 98 describes this swap of houses with ebony worker Anthonij van der Wiel. Soutendam, Necrologium, p. 24 also states Vlamingstraat from where he buries a son in 1642. More on frame making in Montias p. 295, note 71. Dates from All the Paintings of the Rijksmuseum, p. 157. Thieme-B gives date of birth and death as ca. 1575-1656. However Montias 1982, p. 339, table A2. gives years as 1575-1653. RKD Bredius archive, artist folder, quoting many documents. Willem also had a son called Willem; both were painters.

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