Anthonij Gerritsz van der Wiel (1620-1693). Ebony worker, ebony merchant and picture frame maker. Started out illiterate, later could write his name. Successful frame maker. His frames were sold as far as The Hague and Amsterdam, especially to the Amsterdam conoisseur Maerten Kretzer.

In marrying Gertruy Vermeer (1620-1670) in 1647 Anthonij became Johannes Vermeer's brother in law. Entered the Guild as konstverkoper (painting dealer) in 1657. Lived at the south side of Vlamingstraat which was his father's house. His two brothers also became ebony workers. In 1650 he moved into a larger house De Drie Valken (the Thee Falcons) at Vlamingstraat. He was the only one of his brothers to inherit his fathers ebony workers gear.

Became sergeant in the Delft militia.

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