Harmen Arentsz van Bolgersteyn (1585-1641). Painter of flowers, still lifes, history. No works of his are presently known. In 1628 one of his portrait paintings was sold for 26 guilders.

Compare Verhulst and Vosmaer.

Entered Guild before 1613, became headman in 1639; in that year he paid 180 guilders rent for a house. An apprentice contract dated 1620 is known: He taught Reymbrandt Verboom the art of portraiture during two finishing years for an annual sum of 50 guilders, providing all necessary materials but not room and board.

In 1629 he lived on Markt In de Boterpot alias Melkmouw (in the Butter pot) alias Het Vergulde Mortier (The Gilded Mortar) number 29.


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