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I am a professional tour guide, located in Amsterdam . I can hlp you prepare your trip.

All photography on this page is copyright Kees Kaldenbach 2009. Photo with bird above is my photograph, taken from a cruise ship,- can you trace that small 1/50th section of of the bird picture above that has been somewhat doctored with Photoshop? I took out a disfiguring harbour crane. The bird is however for real. Very photogenic! The yellow building to the left of the local 5 star Grand hotel - if you can afford it I would recommend it - and it has a great concierge who knows my company by name.

I can meet you at your hotel and show you my powerpoint presentation so you get a feel of the area and the lay out of the city.

Learn about the richess of the city of Stockholm, its culture, museums and culinary specialities. You will also learn about Stockholm's layout of island by means of birds-eye views, aerial photographs, maps, drawings, photographs. Then we will see the town and the museums! I will be your BBC quality private tour guide in Stockholm.

First thing to do on the must-absolutely-do-list in Stockholm is a visit to the Vasa museum - we will get there as early as possible in the day to beat the crowds!

Inside. This is the small model of the entire ship shown in the interior. The vasa ship itself is large, very very large, even HUMONGOUS, stunning, etc etc. The state of preservation of the wood is miracolous because the local part of the Baltic the sea is too cold and has little or no wood boring mollusks. The exhibition hall is rather dark!

Upstairs in the hall is a collection of household items owned by the crew members, including shoes, spoons, plates, etc. Pretty good educational movie, too in the auditorium.

Next we may take a 10 minute walk and visit the Historiska Museum with one of the better Viking collections in the world. When we get lucky - a museum guide will be walking around there, dressed up as a viking, baking bread in a clay oven (photo to the right shows such a guide dressed up in historic garb).

Inside numerous historical objects from the Viking era. Also a scale model of a Viking herbour town is shown - very educational - with houses and ships being built. You could not ask for more!

Those who love Viking and mediaeval silver and gold will be very happy in the treasury - Schatzkammer - downstairs. It looks like they have taken their proper measures to discourage stealing. I felt like evil old Goldfinger with robbery intent for a moment - but could not figure out a workable plan.

Then we will walk by the beautiful harbour to the National Museum. This cityscape and the marriage of land mass and water by the harbour is one of the MOST beautiful sites I have EVER seen in my life. Interplay of architecture, open spaces, water, boats, sky. Incredibly friendly and well proportioned. Architecture. People as well.

Inside the National Museum we will study a wide ranging painting collection which includes pretty good stuff from famous schools of painters all over the world: Dutch: Rembrandt, French: Boucher, Gauguin etc. The large Rembrandt is famous. Please note: the building is under renovation and will reopen in 2017(?).

The National Museum also holds fabulous paintings by Swedish masters. Below is a GIANT one, of the outsize style of storytelling paintings called "pompier" in French as if it is a scene with fire engines at work and much ado... This type of "les pompiers" paintings was popular in late nineteenth century France in the Salon exhibitions, with large canvases with much historic detail and heart wrenching emotion, a nicely complicated image to keep your attention captured for some time, like a photographic still from a complicated Louis B DeMille movie scene. Or like an early heart gripping movie itself.

The year is 1361. "Hurry up! Dump your treasure into the barrel!" the grim soldier barks to the scared guy in red stockings. This detail of the huge Hellquist painting in teh museum tells the success story of a conquering tyran, Mr. Valdemar Atterdag who is extorting, sacking, pillaging, looting ("brandskattar" in Swedish, "brandschatten" in Dutch) the mediaeval city of Visby.

Here you see the moment when a soldier is violently dragging one of the townspeople to put his chest of silver and gold and other booty into a wooden beer vat container. Three of these beer vats all have to be filled to the brim with gold and silver, or else the town is to be razed to the ground. A boy is curiously peeping into the container. The dog is finding a place to pee. (canvas, 201 cm × 327 cm, painted by Hellquist in Munich in 1882).

This image shows the whole complicated visual "pompier" machine. Mr Valdemar Atterdag the Conquerer obviously had some flexible ideas about transfer of private property. Atterdag is royally seated on the red throne labled "Valdemar" in case you may have missed it at first glance. To the right a local rich jew with a yellow hat, also contributing his wealth under duress.

In the foreground a perfect Swedish family consisting of the blonde papa, being the mayor if Visby, his proverbially blonde wife and two endearing blonde children, obviously the good guys in this drama, all of them in a state of utter distress, the husband clenching his fist, the lady crying. Mr. Valdemar Atterdag is the bad guy - and he has lots of soldiers and henchmen. So he wins initially.

They probably forced blond lady to part with her wedding ring as well. She is heartbroken with the loss and also breaking our heart with her tearful eye. Utterly hating Mr. Valdemar Atterdag. And her unhappiness is sucking us into the full distressing emotion of the painting.

Another heavy painting. A pretty bad dream indeed. Nightmare. Alptraum. Cauchemar. Nachtmerrie. Pesadilla.

But this marble boy is having good clean fun on the museum floor... not sure whether a visitor may is allowed to wheel him around and make him speed up... guess not... marbke breaks pretty easily.

So we come up for air and continue elsewhere to the more light hearted stuff. And on to Rembrandt. Boucher.

This is an academic tour preparation by scholar-lecturer, art historian Drs. Kees Kaldenbach* Read a biography. Download my PDF file of my company flyer.


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*Martha Gellhorn, Travels with Myself and another, p. 182.

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