Nr 1 TIP in Copenhagen, National Museum, for the fabulous Viking Collection!

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I live in Amsterdam. Over the last decades I have traveled widely, also to Oslo, Norway, and to Stockholm, Sweden, and other places by the Baltic sea - and I found this to be the best of true treasure troves of ancient art:

The best Viking ship collection is in the Viking ship hall in Oslo (Click on the ships on the site), near the excellent Norsk Folkemuseum = Friluftsmuseum = Open Air History park. Extensive and impressive. This is how the Norwegians managed to live in log cabins up to the nineteenth century. They preserved their logs from mold, insect decay by partly charring them.

In Denmark, in Roskilde there is a fine Viking ship museum as well.

The very best prehistoric peat bog corpses, offered there to the Nordic Gods by Druid priests and miraculously preserved by humidity and natural acids are in the Archaeology section of the National Museum in Dublin - and in the Danish town of in Silkeborg.

Copenhagen, National Museum

In terms of museum treasures the VERY best Viking collection exhibited anywhere is in The National Museum in Copenhagen.

The National Museum in Copenhagen is free entry (no ticket cost). Having visited this museum several times over the past decades, I was stunned by the last transformation of its collection. The latest museum presentation is utterly OUTSTANDING. In order to give you an idea of what to expect I would like to present this digital tour:


The sun chariot. A religious and cult object, used by local druids. One of the key treasures anywhere in the world.


Bronze age axes. Just ceremonial of fighting gear as well?


Danish fyke / fishnet from prehistoric times, comparable to the age of the Egyptian Pharaos. Preserved under water. Compare to the same kind of object in the Archaeology museum of Leiden, Holland: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden owns a fyke net dated 4200-4000 before common era, in Dutch: Fuik.


Gundestrup cauldron. Found in a peat bog in Denmark. Best and largest piece of silver craft from the period. May have been Thracian in origin. Or Celtic. A matter of unsolved controversy.

Gundestrup cauldron.


Gundestrup cauldron.


Helmets with horns. This shape gave rise to the often erroneous cartoon image of Vikings.


Lurs, musical instruments used in processions and religious ceremonies. Technically speaking each lur is a masterpiece of the craft of bronze casting by most gifted bronze smiths.


A drawing on rock of viking people standing in and around a viking ship. Are those a male and a female in front? Playing ball... or does it indicate a more serious life-giving ceremony? Man and woman creating offspring and therefore creating everlasting life?


Bronze age shields, decorated with repeated lines and dots, hammered in (a technique called Repoussé in French) from the back. Note the repetition an variety. Highly ornamental with an austere sense of design.



Stone age daggers, hand axes, combs. The beginnings of mankand and technology as we know it. See the movie Quest for Fire, which takes place 80.000 years ago!


Extremely well crafted ceremonial swords. Produced as objects of status and veneration. Compare to the same kind of quality in the jutphaas ceremonial sword in the Archaeology museum of Leiden, Holland: Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.


Raw male power, erection as live giving force, - crafted from a natural woorden object. Prehistoric. A comparable raw image of a Celtic or Germanic stone Deity is in the museum of Epinal, France


Great four-wheeled chariod. Was part of a set of luxury grave objects for a wealthy person. Danish bogs allow for preservation of wood if kept well below the water table surface. Some parts were reconstructed for this exhibition.


Very eerie set of preserved corpses in wooden coffins. Exhibited in low light. Great and impressive. And interesting because of the gifts alongside the body. Metal, pottery, textiles, furs.


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