MP3 of Baroque music composed during Vermeer's time in Delft by Dirk Scholl



Here you will find MP3 files in Low and Medium quality. Our master tape was a small 1990 audio compact cassette tape.

SchollDelft_low.mp3 = 7,2 MB

SchollDelft_medium.mp3 = 9,6 MB - the hiss has been removed on this one.

You may download this 11 minute MP3 file, providing two suites of dances from Vrede-triomph ofte Thalia's Lust-hof, dansen in A groot / Triumph of Peace, Thalia's Garden of Delight, Dances in A major, by the Delft composer Dirk Jansz. Scholl (1641-1727), who published this material in Delft in 1678. Specialists feel this music is the only remaining published sheet music from Vermeer's age in Delft. The sole surviving printed copy of this sheet music is in the Cathedral Library, Durham Cathedral, England. More details on Scholl in the yellow menu, Artists & Patrons; please find Scholl in the dropdown box 'Patrons'.

On April 1, 1990 the chamber music group Boumeester Consort performed two suites out of this series of dances. They were performed for a live audience in Studio BFO Hilversum, The Netherlands. The violins were tuned in "scoloratura", changing the normal G - D - A - E tuning of the instruments into A - E - A - C-sharp.

The following Boumeester Consort musicians have performed: Nico Brandon, Baroque violin / director; Mary Carter, Baroque violin; Mimi Mitchell, Baroque violin; Marion Middenway, Baroque cello and Viola da Gamba; Marijke Smits-Sibenga, Clavichord.

We do thank Nico Brandon for his kind permission (given in 2003) in releasing this unique performance for a MP3 Internet audience.

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