Struycken on Vermeer


Struycken, an abstract painter, talks about Vermeer, the "painter's painter". Quoted with permission from private correspondence with Kaldenbach.


"There are Vermeer questions which have occupied me for a long time [...]. These concern various degrees of abstraction within a painting. Vermeer often paints a chequered marble floor with streaks of paint in a way which makes one think of a house painter or a decoration painter who imitates marble. In the same painting other parts are depicted in quite a different way. Some parts will be rendered in a more imitative or detailed way.

His handling of colour is peculiar. Within a painting various colour relationships appear which are reserved to separate sections of the painting. Take for instance his "paintings within a painting". These are separate fields which have an inner balance which is not repeated elsewhere. Taken to extremes one could say a Vermeer painting (sometimes) seems to have been made up of different philosophies about the colour balance.

I am expressing this to you in order to stress the importance I feel for philosophies and considerations which lead to decisions in creating a work of art."


Fragment of a letter from Struycken to Kaldenbach, 30 July 2000

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Text copyright Peter Struycken, 2000.