Johannes Jordaens / Hans Jordaens II , IV, (1616-1680). Landscape painter. He was a member of the Bentveughel circle in Rome in 1650 where he was nicknamed Pollepel [pot ladle]. He settled in Leiden in 1654 and entered the Delft Guild in 1657.Abraham Lenertsz van der Beest

On May 16, 1672 both Johannes Vermeer and Johannes Jordaens, both 'outstanding art painters in Delft' testified together in their role as experts and as painting connoisseurs. They stated to a notary public in The Hague that a group of paintings offered for sale to Friedrich Wilhelm, Grand Elector of Brandenburg, were "not only not outstanding Italian paintings, but to the contrary, great pieces of rubbish and bad paintings, not worth nearly the tenth of the proposed prices."

In the first half of the century rather a large group of his paintings were entered in a lottery in The Hague, organized on a for-profit basis by Abraham Lenertsz van der Beest. One lot cost three stivers (stuivers), and seven cost just 1 guilder. The grand prize, a Golden Banquet painting by Jordaens III plus a real gold dish were worth as much as 330 guilders. (Overvoorde 1909 in Buysen 1998; this author erroneously (?) refers to Hans Jordaens III)

Delft addresses: Initially he lived on Cellebroerstraat. In 1663 he bought a house for 255 guilders in the Hoefijzersteeg. Both he and his wife were buried in 1680 from Verwersdijk.


Note. Soutendam, Necrologium, p. 7 and 13 mention Choorstraat. GAD Huizenprotocol 246/111; no. 3197/247 ab no. 4J 65v Deel III fol. 715. (Camer van Charitate, Duijt op de gulden, fol. 116) sell his house for 1050 guilders. Hoefijzersteeg in Bredius Kunstler-Inventare V p. 1823. "Buried in 1680 from Verversdijk near Raamsteeg" indicates "Raam" or drying rack which could be located in the Doelen yard. Present day Raam and Raamstraat are further away. Arnold Houbraken, De groote Schouburgh der Nederlantsche Konstschilders en Schilderessen, The Hague 1752 [2nd ed.] Book 2, page 28.

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