Pieter Anthonisz van Groenewegen (ca.1600- c.1658). Landscape painter. He was influenced by his sojourn in Italy, having joined the 'Bentveughel' circle there under the sobriquet "Lion" in the 1620's, joining Bramer and Breenbergh there. Seen as follower of Breenbergh and Jacob Pynas.

Possibly related to Pieter van Groenewegen II (1635-36-after 1665)

Spent time in The Hague and Delft. Entered Delft Guild in 1626. Groenewegen was a wealthy burgher. In 1633 he lived in Het Gouden Hoofd (The Golden Head) on Voldersgracht number 1 (a building since replaced by the monumental Vleeshal / Korenbeurs building) just behind the Fish Market. He rented The Golden Head for 230 guilders a year. It may have been large enough to house an extended family including his father who was an attorney.

His works appear frequently in Delft inventories; Vermeer's father Reynier Vos / Vermeer dealt in his paintings.

For a full story of how his paintings appears within two Vermeer paintings The Hoogsteder Journal nr 7, 2000.


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