Jacob Jacobsz van Geel.



Jacob Jacobsz van Geel (born 1584/85-died in or after 1638). Genre and landscape painter in the Flemish tradition. Born in Middelburg, he may heve fled because of debts. In Delft 1624-1632. In Delft Guild in 1628 (which makes one wonder what he did since his arrival).

He lived in a house on Annastraat in 1624 , later on Choorstraat where one of his children died in 1627. In 1627 he also owned a house on Verwersdijk near number 9., in 1630 he lived on Vlamingstraat.

Above: Landscape, c. 1633, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Below Landscape with plundering of a Coach, c 1610, Detroit Institute of Arts.

Note. Annastraat in GAD Beydals collection. Soutendam, Necrologium, p. 21: his child died in 1627; his wife in 1632. Year of birth from Delftse meesters, p. 34. GAD (NA 1665) 3 July 1630 states Vlamingstraet; private communication by Montias, 2000. All the paintings of the Rijksmuseum p. 236. GAD Beydals states "Oude Varkensmarkt" in 1627 = square on Verwersdijk near Cellebroederstraat.

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