Pieter Ariens den Dorst (before 1596-1620). Wealthy history painter. Entered Guild 1613 or just after. Address unknown. Often did business with Arent van Reijnooij and Pieter Molshoeck.

In 1620, he had dealings with Vermeers grandmother Neeltge Goris who was active liquidating estates of deceased people.

He moved to Amsterdam.

At his death he left paintings valued at 134 guilders, including a Judith, an Entombment, a Last Supper, a Venus, an Annunciation.

Note. Montias 1977, p. 104. Montias AA 1982 p. 138. Montias 1989, p. 36. On Delft internet archives one finds his full name during baptisms of his children in the years 1608-1613 (OK/NK inv. 36). Montias 1981 gives 1630 as year of death; an "Arien den Dorst" died 1625 (internet). Thieme-B. IX p 491.

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