Warning. Do not book with ETS Air Shuttle, NYC. Very bad experience in 2019. Newark Airport ; Kennedy Airport ; La Guardia; a horror story.


On Monday 25 March 2019, after flying in from Amsterdam, Holland, I had a very bad experience with the ETS Air Shuttle. This ETS outfit is according to the web page a Taxi cab firm. Specializing in traffic to and from airports. Newark Airport ; Kennedy Airport ; La Guardia.

I had paid beforehand, $ 75,- for a transfer from Newark airport to a private address in Brooklyn. Upon arrival we could NOT find the airport shuttle van operated by ETS Air Shuttle. The promised phone service in the arrivals hall brought no solution: Shuttle Dispatch Phone: (Day of Travel) 7182215341 was not picked up. Uniformed people knew nothing. Then after 45 minutes of asking around the Taxivan did finally appear and about 10 passengers boarded. A beat-up ratty taxibus with faulty airconditioning and a mute driver who would not speak at all.

Instead of travelling to Brooklyn first, to our address it made a ridiculous detour: from Newark Airport first to Kennedy Airport, then to La Guardia and after that detour arriving in the address in Brooklyn - all in all 2.5 hours of driving in heavy traffic.

We were angry at this miserable treatment and wrote to the ETS management a number of times; however the management gave NO tesponse at all. Finally we put in an official complaint at the office of the Mayor of NYC.

Conclusion: I would advise anyone NOT to hire taxicab services from this ridiculous firm.



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