ANWB (Dutch traffic board) information plaque / historic sitemarker panel


Photo from the book about Delft from the air: ‘Delft vanuit de lucht’ Published by RoVorm Uitgevers. See arrow.


There is no lack of stunning architectural beauty in Delft, that is for sure. But the situation is lean when it comes to Vermeer. All buildings which played a major role in the life and works of Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) have been thoroughly demolished. The Old Church, New Church and City Hall do still stand in glory, but the series of private Vermeer homes and the home of the Guild of St Luke, of which he was Board Member, have vanished from Delft. The Guild house has been rebuilt.

The local tourist board thus stands virtually empty-handed when interested tourists ask for Vermeer.

Larger format image of this panel.

On June 20, 2003 the official Dutch Traffic Board ANWB has placed at the location Oude Langendijk a large panel containing various images of the house which once stood there and an explanation in four languages of what was created in this house.

Another Delft initiative is the foundation of a Johannes Vermeer Center, planned to open in 2007, which will show a multimedia experience of Vermeer. Work is in progress.

Large format image of this panel.

How the sign was placed, see mounting.

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