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The best privately maintained Vermeer sites

Fine Institutional Vermeer sites

Johannes Vermeer's Painting technique

The American painter Jonathan Janson - who lives and works in Rome - paints in Vermeer's technique and style and succeeds well in explaining how he does it. He also lists many, many links.

This site contains hundreds of useful pages and links.


Philip Steadman maintains a page on his Camera Obscura theory (see a discussion on a controversy on this site)


Another private home page shows all known Vermeer paintings in the world.


Vermeer in fiction:

Tracy Chevalier wrote Pearl Earring.

Brian Howell wrote The Dance of Geometry.

Art History books on Vermeer

See my list of literature (in the yellow bar) under 'Delft Artists & Patrons' - use the central dropdown box. Or go to google and type: kaldenbach literature


General Art History Sites

Chris Witcombe maintain the mother of all art history resource sites.

See also Chris Witcombe's index of websites


The web site "Memory of the Netherlands" is a vast digitalisation

project of the Royal Dutch Library - now well on its way. I would like to point out some great possibillities. By now all of the Mauritshuis Vermeer paintings - and all other paintings by other artists prior to 1800 - are available in all sizes, including an extra large size for teaching presentation and for research purposes, or just for eye candy.

This is a 10 step list how to go about for getting them: click

then click the EN for English (this toggle is on the right hand side) if text is in Dutch

then click the red bars for Collections

then scroll down and go to Mauritshuis (Girl Pearl Earring logo)

then click search (on the left hand side menu)

in "Who" fill in Vermeer

click the top painting Gezicht op Delft = View of Delft

go to dropdown menu "select size" for Extra Large

click your mouse to save image to your disk

the menu now proposes to call this file ""

change this manually into viewofdelft.jpg if you wish to store it intelligently for safe keeping.

If all of this does not work try the Dutch language version.

Delft Art History

More Delft fine art and pottery has been put online on

For online archival information on the Delft archive please click which offers one of the world's most advanced digital archival search systems, made available free of cost. Enjoy!


Museums with many fine Vermeers

see also

Mauritshuis Royal Cabinet of Paintings, The Hague, The Netherlands. See also Memory of the Netherlands.

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam The Netherlands shows a number of Vermeers in great detail.

National Gallery of Art Washington, DC lists its Vermeers  

Frick Collection, New York

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

National Gallery, London

Louvre, Paris  

Staatliche Gemaeldegalerie Dresden


Museums with just one fine Vermeer

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Wien (Vienna)

Herzog Anton Ulrich Musem, Braunschweig, Germany

Her Majesty the Queen of England, Buckingham Palace, London, or Windsor Castle, Windsor.

National Gallery, Dublin, Ireland

Staedel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Iveagh Bequest, Kenwood House, Londen.

National Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Barbara Piasecka Johnson collection, Princeton, New Jersey. The attribution of this painting is currently being contested.


(the pecking order within the two lists above reflect my personal taste in the form of an itinerary)


A Museum which once owned one Vermeer but was robbed


A Museum whose founders did their very best - but they did not quite succeed

Führermuseum, Linz was going to have The Art of Painting (read 'The Linz Files' - a wonderful book).


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