Pre-flight Instruction for a 1660's Vermeer Flight over Delft.


Captivated by AV technology: A Particularly Attentive Pre Flight Audience stand in Awe prior to Flying over Vermeer's Delft.


These Pre Flight Instructions drills are given to this audience:



This Illustrated Internet Lecture on Flights over Delft 1660 guarantees Appreciation of Delft


B/W Photograph on top and the detail to the left is a historical illustration from a book on the History of Kodak Photography.

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All images here are copyright by Kees Kaldenbach.

Below: Digital map of Delft, based on a 17th C map, View straight down

Below: Tilted view.

Below: Lower down.

Below: Camera lowered.

Below: A view hovering at about 60 Meter high. The Old Church tower in the left is 75 M high.

Below: Same height, a viewpoint closer by.

Below: The Rottedam gate, the separate barbican, and its drawbridge was built from geometric shapes and then covered with surface patterns.

Below: To the side of the canal te Delfshaven, about 15 M high.

Below: To the side of the East Gate (oostpoort) about 70 M high.

Below: A view from just above the Western gate, Waterlandse Poort.