View of Delft, Work in progress in 3D modeling, at the end of October 1998

The Rotterdam gate (left) and the barbican of the Rotterdam gate (right) in the process of being finished by applying a photo-finish to the Computer Aided Design (CAD) structure.

Note the Rotterdam gate does not yet have the necessary gate opening in the wall to walk through - and the draw bridge is a single one, not yet of the double type.

Image reated by Patrick Hogenboom & Vincent Robbesom, Cross Worlds, The Hague.



Thanks to the Technische Universiteit Delft, ir. Edward Verbree, Section Geo Informatics, subfaculty of Geodesy. Thanks also to students and Specialists Geographical Information-System (GIS), Geodesy: Rik Germs; Gert van Maren; Merlijn Simonse; Axel Smits & last but not least Ingrid Alkemade, project manager.

A special thanks also to CrossWorlds bv, The Hague - where Ingrid Alkemade had her internship - for rescuing the project in the face of the looming deadline, and for applying the finishing touches: Martin van den Berg, Patrick Hogenboom & Vincent Robbesom.

Thanks to prof. dr. ir. Erik Jansen, section Technische Wiskunde en Informatica, & T.C.J. Balt, Geoinformatie / Beheer en Milieu, Gemeente Delft. Both set me on the right track.

 This image too is under copyright 1998. Please contact Kees Kaldenbach before you copy , store or print this image.