20 February 1888 - 3 May 1889. Arles, 30 Rue Cavalerie, Hotel-Restaurant Carrel; subsequently 30 Place Lamertine which is the Café de la Gare (Night Café). His first rental home in his own name was at Place Lamartine which he names 'The Yellow House'. It first serves as atelier, later as living space as well. After the incident with his ear he stays at Hôtel-Dieu (hospital) now Espace culturel Van Gogh. The Yellow House was hit by a bomb during WW II. Key. 1) Hotel-Restaurant Carrell. 2) Yellow House. 3) Cafe de la Gare. 4) "Starry Night" 5) Trinquetaille Bridge. 6) Brothel. 7) Old Mill in Rue Mireille. 8) Public Garden. 9) Arena. 10) Les Alyscamps. 11) Hospital.

Detail from municipal map of Arles by A. Veran, 1871, Musée Reattu, Arles. Taken from the book "Pilgrimage through life, Travelling in the footsteps of Vincent van Gogh", written by Kees Kaldenbach & Michel Didier, Amsterdam 1990. Also published in the same year in Dutch as "Pelgrimstocht door het Leven, Reizen in de voetsporen van Vincent van Gogh".