Vincent's Pilgrimage through life


30 March 1853 - 30 September 1864. Zundert, 26 Markt, birth and infant years at the home of his parents.

1 October 1864-31 August 1866. Zevenbergen, 16 Stationsstraat in master Jan Provily's boarding school.

15 September 1866 - 19 March 1868. Tilburg, Stadhuisplein 130 (HBS, the Modern School); lives at 19 St. Annaplein at the Hannik family boarding house.

19 March 1868 - 8 August 1869. Zundert, 26 Markt staying at his parents' home.

8 August 1869 - 13 June 1873. The Hague / Den Haag, 14 Plaats (Goupil firm); lives at 32 Lange Beestenmarkt, at the Roos family boarding house.

13 June 1873 - October 1874. London, works at 17 Southampton Street (Goupil firm). Lives in a number of boarding houses. In August 1873 moves to 87 Hackford Street (nowadays Hackford Road) in mr. Loyer's boarding house.

Summer 1874. Helvoirt, 47 Torenstraat for a summer vacation stay at his parents' home.

October 1874 - December 1874. Paris, in Montmartre. Shares a room with Harry Gladwell. Works in Goupil firm's main branch at 9 Rue Chaptal.

December 1874. Helvoirt, 47 Torenstraat staying at his parents' home for Christmas.

December 1874 - 15 May 1875. London, works at 17 Southampton Street in the Goupil Firm. Rents a room on 395 Kennington Road.

15 May 1875 - 4 April 1876. Paris, works in 9 Rue Chaptal (Goupil Firm). His address unknown. Moves via Etten to Ramsgate.

17 April 1876 - June 1876. Ramsgate, 6 Royal Road, teaching in a boarding school. He sleeps in a derelict building at 11 Spencer Square.

June 1876 - December 1876. (I) Isleworth, 183 Twickenham Road for a short period he worked with Master William Stokes in Linkfield House. Then he found paid employment at 160 Twickenham Road (Holme Court) with Reverend Thomas Slade-Jones, who ran a boarding school and also served as a minister. Vincent assisted him and often visited small churches. (II) Turnham Green, Chiswick High Street; an alley between nrs. 345 and 347 lead to a church building at the back. In this Congregationalist Church Vincent became a co-worker. This building was since demolished. (III) Petersham, Petersham Road, an alley between nrs. 287 en 289; this Wesleyan Chapel was also demolished. (IV) Richmond, at the corner of Kew Road and Evelyn Road was a Methodist Chapel, which was demolished and replaced by another one.

31 December 1876 - January 1877. Etten, 4 Roosendaalseweg. Short stay in his parent's vicarage.

January 1877 - May 1877. Dordrecht, 256 Voorstraat opposite Scheffersplein (square) where he assisted in a book store. He lived at 24 Tolbrugstraat Waterzijde in Grocer Rijken's boarding house.

9 May 1877 - July 1878. Amsterdam, 3 Grote Kattenburgerstraat. Here, Vincent lived in a room in the house of his uncle Jan who was Director of the Navy Shipyard. Near Jonas Daniel Meyerplein (square) he was privately tutored by M.B. Mendes da Costa in Latin and Greek, required subjects for entrance exams for the study of Divinity. 168 Prinsengracht was the address of his cousin Kee Vos-Stricker with whom Vincent fell in love after she had become a widow. Her father, reverend Stricker (uncle Stricker to Vincent) lived at 69 Keizersgracht . Vincent was allowed to use his study.

July 1878 - August 1878. Etten, 4 Roosendaalseweg, a short stay at his parents's house; this vicarege has been entirely removed.

July 1978. Brussels. Visited members of a missionary committee with his father and rev. Slade-Jones of Isleworth.

25 August 1878 - November 1878. Brussels (Laeken). Lived and taught at rev. Bokma' school for missionaries.

November 1878 - December 1878. Etten, 4 Roosendaalseweg, a short stay at his parents's house; this vicarage has been entirely removed.

26 December 1878 - January 1879. Borinage region. Activities as a lay preacher amongst the coal miners. Lives consecutively at Pâturages, 39 Rue de l'Eglise boarding at pedlar Van der Haegen's house. This house does no longer exist.

January 1879 - August 1879. Wasmes, 221 Rue du Petit-Wasmes, at the boarding house of baker Denis; preaches at 257 Rue du Bois at the protestant center 'Salon de Bebé'; lives there in extreme poverty in a small hut. After being fired he walks to Brussels.

August 1879. Brussels, visiting rev. Pietersen. From there he walked to parish priest Frank in Cuesmes in the Borinage region.

August 1879 - 15 October 1880. Cuesmes, 8 Rue du Grand Marais. Moves to 8 Rue du Pavillon, in miner Decrucq's boarding house. This house, 'Maison du Marais', now houses a permanent exhibition.

March 1880. Courrières. Journey on foor through the region of Le-Pas-de-Calais as he planned to visit the painter Jules Breton.

15 October 1880 - 12 April 1881. Brussels, 72 Zuidlaan / Boulevard du Midi. Here he makes drawings.

12 April 1881 - November 1881. Etten, 4 Roosendaalseweg, a stay at his parents's house; this vicarege has been entirely removed.

28 November 1881 - 11 September 1883. The Hague / Den Haag, "Third street of the Schenkweg" first at number 138, then at 136. Both apartments were second floor sublets. Vincent moved house as he needed more space for Sien Hoornik and her children. These houses were demolished; at this site now 13 Schenkweg.

11 September 1883 - 30 November 1883. Stay in the Province of Drenthe, initially in Hoogeveen, 24 Presserstraat in the farmer's Inn run by Hartsuiker. Vincent had an attic room. Then moved to Nieuw-Amsterdam, present day 1 Vincent van Goghstraat, corner of Scholdijk, in Scholte's inn. This building now has a plaque.

3 December 1883 - 24 November 1885. Nuenen, 27 Berg staying at his parents' home. After a fight Vincent chose to do his daytime painting and drawing at the Roman Catholic vicarage at 49 Park (demolished).

24 November 1885 - March 1886. Antwerp, 224 Lange Beeldekensstraat (formerly number 194), living in paint salesman Brandel's boarding house. The Academy of Fine Arts (Academie van Beeldende Kunsten) is still housed at Blindestraat, at the corner of Mutsaertstraat. The drawing clubs Vincent joined were probably run in a house at Teyndersstraat and in the house Winckler at Grote Markt.


March 1886 - 20 February 1888. Paris, 25 Rue Victor Massé (formerly Rue Laval); subsequently 54 Rue Lepic a fourth floor apartment chosen by Theo and Vincent in order to live together more comfortably. Theo worked at Goupil's main branch at 19 Boulevard Montmartre. Vincent took lessons in painter Cormon's atelier, 104 Boulevard de Clichy. Theo en Vincent often had their meals at Restaurant Bataille, Rue des Abesses (nr. ? ). Vincent once exhibited his work at Cabaret-Restaurant 'Le Tambourin', 62 Boulevard de Clichy. Once he also exhibited together with Emile Bernard and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in Restaurant du Chalet, 43 Avenue de Clichy.

20 February 1888 - 3 May 1889. Arles, 30 Rue Cavalerie, Hotel-Restaurant Carrel; subsequently 30 Place Lamertine which is the Café de la Gare (Night Café). His first rental home in his own name was at Place Lamartine which he names 'The Yellow House'. It first serves as atelier, later as living space as well. After the incident with his ear he stays at Hôtel-Dieu (hospital) now Espace culturel Van Gogh. The Yellow House was hit by a bomb during WW II.

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May 1889 - 17 May 1890. Saint-Rémy de Provence, the asylum for the insane Saint-Paul-de-Mausole, at the corner of Avenue E. Leroy and Chemin des Carrières.

20 May 1890 - 29 July 1890. Auvers-sur-Oise, place de la Mairie, Arthur Ravoux's inn where he dies.


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