Valerius de Röver / de Reuver jr. (1686-1739). Foremost burgher, married 1709 to Cornelia van der Dussen. They lived at west side of Oude Delft next to Prinsenhof, possibly number 173; also had property east side of Voorstraat and owned an outstanding "kunstkabinet" (art collection cabinet) which may have been collected by his father , Valerius Röver sr. (16xx-1693). The 161 paintings in these categories: 36 History, 27 Landscape, 11 Architecture, 6 Marine, 30 genre, 12 Still life, 27 Portrait, 12 Various. There were five paintings by Frans Hals. In 1750 the cream of this excellent collection, 62 paintings including 8 by Rembrandt, were purchased by Prince Wilhelm VIII von Hessen-Kassel, from 1730 onwards titled Landgraf Wilhelm VIII for 40,000 guilders.

The top Rembrandt painting was subsequently purchased for 475,000 guilders by Tsar Alexander I for the Hermitage.

Wilhelm had lived in the Republic for a while ; there he had befriended Govert van Slingelandt, a collector from The Hague who advised him to purchase this outstanding Delft collection.

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