Jonkheer Arent van Reijnooij / Renoy (c. 1580-1624). Wealthy amateur of art. In Guild 1613 or before. Lived at north side of Nieuwe Langendijk in a house with five hearths. Did business with Delft inhabitants Pieter Molshoeck; Reyer Crabmoes; Pieter van den Dorst. In 1657 a possible heir with the same name lived in Het Truweel (_______) Oude Delft 203

Note. Montias 1977, p. 104. Obreen I, p. 4. Death year as 1635 in Montias 1981 p. 199; there is also a burial on 7-6-1646 of Aert Jan van Reijnoij, GAD internet archives. Business in Montias AA 1982, p. 137.

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