Henrick Marcellisz van Goch (?-1650). He was the owner of the Delftware pottery De Porceleyne Schotel (The Porcelain Dish) on the south side of Molslaan near nr. 121. He had a house on the north side of Markt from 1636-1642. In 1661 Vermeer's uncle Reynier Balthens owed him money for faience deliveries. At an auction his painting collection, mainly religious in subject, was valued at 328 guilders. See list of all Delftware Potteries.

Note. Montias Patrons/Bramer, p. 38. Molslaan in De Stad Delft 1982, p. 140. GAD internet shows his burial 'platielbacker' (faience maker) 15 April 1650, DTB inv. 39 OK/NK. Balthens in Montias 1989. p. 97, note 49. Markt in GAD Koopbrieven Huiseigenaren, letter G.

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