Isaacq Elsevier (1596-1651). A beer brewer. From a 1650 inventory it is known that he owned a "pen painting" by Heerman Witmond, valued at 30 guilders and a painting by Adriaen van Ostade, worth 25 guilders. Address unknown.

In 2002 researcher Brad Schoening kindly provided the following information:

"Isaac Elsevier (1596-1651), son of Mathijs and grandson of Louis. Isaac married Jacomina van Swieten in 1616. He was a printer in Leyden from 1616-1626. In 1626, he sold his publishing business and left Leyden, purchasing a tavern in Rotterdamn. In 1629, he forsook innkeeping to become provost general for the Admiralty of South Holland, Maas, and Waal. Later, he became a brewer with his two youngest sons. Died in Cologne in 1651 while traveling on business.

The following baptismal entry mentions the following names: Jacobminja; Sijmon Elsevier, Father; Anna de Visscher, Mother; Isaac Elsevier, Witness; Jacobmijna van Swieten, Witness; Elijsabeth Elsevier, Witness. Place: Delft. Date of Baptism: Dec-29-1649. (Source: internet archives Delft)

Note. Literature: Aad Knops, Een Stuck van Witmond mette pen gedaen, Delft, Museum Paul Tetar van Elven, 2001, page 27. David W. Davies "The World of the Elseviers" (1954). Not much was written about Isaac after he sold off his share of the family printing business. Davies' book has a short description of Isaacs activities after 1926, mentioning that he operated a brewery with two of his sons. Unfortunately, no other details are provided, such as the date, town, or name of the brewery.

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