Jacob Dissius (16xx-1695) Printer and bookseller, member of the Guild. He lived in 'Het vergulde ABC' (Gilded ABC) on Markt at number 32 which was bought by Abraham Dissius in 1651. He married the wealthy Magdalena van Ruijven. Upon her death in 1682 he inherited the Van Ruijven estate - but strangely enough had to share it with his father Abraham Dissius, who died in 1694. After Jacob Dissius' death in 1695 a sale of 21 Vermeer paintings took place in Amsterdam on 16 May 1696. They fetched a sum total of 1404 guilders.

Note. Research in Montias. In 1999 this very building is in use as a pancake restaurant which bills itself as a Vermeer museum, showing framed reproductions of Vermeer paintings. Sum of sale in Hale, p. 8.

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