Andries Cloeting (Active 1626-1647). Printing press owner; publisher. Lived "in 't Gelinieerde Schrijfboeck" (In the Ruled Notebook) near Haverbrug = Binnenwatersloot near Oude Delft. In 1641 he lived on Markt 13 or 15 in De Pellicaan. His estate was worth 5000 guilders, putting him in the upper bracket.

Note. Exh.Cat De Stad Delft 1981, p. 164. Montias AA 1982 p. 131. Markt 13 was called De Pelicaan (the Pelican); Markt 15 was De Gekroonde Pelikaan (Crowned pelican), see Goudappel 1965, p. 67.

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