Hendrik d'Acquet sr. (1632-1706). One of Delft's foremost citizens, he was a surgeon, head man of his Guild; Charity Master; Alderman and Mayor of Delft. An avid collector of rarities he had an inventory catalogue printed "Insertia et Animalia...". This catalogue describes the collection which he assembled between 1651 and 1703. In a letter to an English collector he wrote that as he has not traveled to Italy he did not own many semi-precious stones. He had a passion for rarities and "finding something new". He lived on the west side of Voorstraat and on west side of Oude Delft, number 202. He also owned the large building Papegaey, Oude Delft 15-21, visible on Vermeer's painting View of Delft. He appears in a 1681 painting by C. de Man.

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