Daniel Vosmaer (1622-1669/70). Landscape painter, after 1654 townscape painter, later painter of the gunpowder devastation in Delft. In Guild in 1650. In 1665 he rented a house for 80 guilders a year, address unknown. In 1666 he lived in the town of Den Briel.

Note. GAD, Huizenprotocol nr. lost. Thieme-B. XXXIV, 560. Obreen Archief V, 167-169 links him with Fabritius; "A painting of the Vosmaer Brother retouched by C. Fabritius". Bredius Künstler Inventare IV p. 1437-1438; see also the estate inventory of his brother Nicolaas. Montias 1993 p. 202 states Daniel's paintings never exceeded prices of 10 to 20 guilders.

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