Paulus Potter (1625-1654) Painter of landscape and animal pieces. Born in Enkhuizen, registered in the Delft Guild from 1646-1649. Lived in The Hague next door to Jan van Goyen, moved to Amsterdam.

His youthful masterwork 'The Young Bull' of 1647, which shows a new interest in rendering bright daylight, was painted in Delft.

It is doubtful whether he actually lived in Delft when he registered in the Guild in 1646 - perhaps to be allowed to trade paintings there?. In 1649 he was registered in the Guild in The Hague.

He is renowed as Hollands foremost animal painter. His studio was visited by important clients.

Below a detail of "The pissing cow", a view into the interior of farmhouse life, dated 1649, a precursor for interior views? Painted for Amalia van Solms, widow of Prince Frederik Hendrik of Orange. The detail of the pissing cow was considered risqué so that the painting was not accepted. Now in the Hermitage museum, Leningrad. Oil on panel 81 x 115.5 cm.

This detail from the far right hand side lets us peek inside the house and shows a woman sitting in a house. It seems to respond to Delft painters' interest in depicting interiors with women doing domestic activities. Potter used a bright palette and may even have been influential in giving direction to this Delft specialism.

Note. GAD, not in Huizenprotocol 1650-1850. Delftse meesters p. 34. See discussions in exh.cat. 'Vermeer and the Delft School', Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, 2001, p. 88.

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