Egbert Lievensz van der Poel (1621-1664). Painter of landscapes and townscapes, specializing in scenes of nocturnal fires and scenes of moonshine [brandjes en maneschijntjes]. In Delft Guild in 1650.

Son of silversmith Lieven Ariensz van der Poel. who had also a younger son Adriaen Lievensz van der Poel (1626-1684 or before) who became genre, still life, winter landscape painter and decorative painter.

When he married in 1651 Egbert moved from (Nieuwe) Doelenstraat to Nieuwe Langendijk. In 1652 he was again living on Doelenstraat near Carel Fabritius.

Also known for nocturnal scenes , possibly under the influence of Bramer.

In and after 1654 he painted a series of scenes of destruction in Delft. Two days after the gunpowder explosion one of Egbert's children was buried from Oosteinde, possibly a temporary address.

Egbert moved to Rotterdam in 1654/55.

Note. Brown, Fabritius, 1981, 22. GAD Collection Beydals gives a number of addresses: Nieuwe Langendijk, source: 25 June 1651, reg. 127. A 1652 burial from Doelstraat. Also see Appendix A, page 150, number 18. Burial of child from Oosteinde stated in Begr. 39 N. Kerk, 14 Oct. 1654. For the relations between the Van der Poel and Vermeer families see Montias 1993, p. 84-85; 99. Montias (1993) p. 202 states that at auctions his paintings did not exceed a value of 10 to 20 guilders. Note. E. Buysen, Haagse schilders in de Gouden Eeuw, Hoogsteder The Hague / Waanders Zwolle, 1998, p. 337.

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