Jacob van Musscher (15xx-1623). aka Jacob Francois Musscher, Jaques de Mosscher, Jaques de Moschero, Jaques Muschaart.

Painter. Originated from Embden, Germany, from a Mennonite family, moved to Haarlem, where he became a student of Karel van Mander who described him in his 1603-1604 book as 'accomplished and experienced in all aspects of art' living in Delft. Married in Delft 1603 by the civil court. Perhaps had a sojurn in Italy hence his nicknames. Enrolled in Delft Guild around 1612-1613. Lived in Delft in the east side of the Jacob Gerritssteeg (alley). Grandfather of the famous Michiel van Musscher who lived and worked in Amsterdam.


Note. General literature: Robert E. Gerhardt, 'The Van Musscher family of artists' in: Oud Holland, nr 120, 2007, p 107-129.

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