Hans Jordaens the Elder (before 1555/60-1630). Genre painter.

In Antwerp guild 1581, and in Delft Guild by 1587-88, producing paintings and making tapestry designs.

In Delft he became exceptionally successful. Montias noticed the high number of his paintings in Delft collections, at high prices.

He was deacon of the Lutheran church, which was considered an accepted church branch by the Dutch Reformed Church.

In 1605 he appraised the vast painting collection of tax collector Cornelis van Coolwijck.

He lived on Molslaan in 1597 and died on Choorstraat in 1630 leaving goods valued at 1250 and paintings valued at 1067 guilders.

In the Van Mander book on Dutch artists he is mentioned under the section on Frans Pourbus whose widow... "took as her second husband Hans Jordeans, pupil of Marten van Cleef". Jordaens is described as "an excellently good master as well in figures as in landscapes and histories, and also most spirited and ingenious at many different subjects..."

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