Success in Scrabble, or how to get 117 points with just one word.

Presenting New allowed scrabble words


With my daughter Suzanne I play scrabble.

We play by the book, under strict rules, except for allowing simultaneously both English and Dutch words that appear in English and Dutch dictionaries.



My all time high of 117 points was with the word jeep, the j having 10 points and being placed next to the already existing word hotty. We also replaced some missing tiles with cheap orange plastic. Still looking for the orignal wooden tiles measuring 12x12 mm. Our scrabble board is a US blue plastic foldable travel edition from the 1980s, one with square cubbyholes. Who will send us a spare baggie full of tiles?




These words are as of now officially allowed in scrabble either in Dutch or in English:

Ratuitzetjes = Trousseaus/trousseaux for a rat

Fezshow = fashionista affair for Fez hats

Hardytea = if it is hardly tea.

Gayduif = pigeon, apparently a bit homosexual

Naangilde = Guild of naan bakers, India

Aquatie = liquid tie for suit

Whitensiania = Beautiful country for white racists

Lulwant = For men: a Dick mitten

Reslumming = First you slum, then you slum again

Qih = kinda sauce

Luvsy = all words deserve a y at the end

Zoogn = Suckling in the province of Groningen dialect

Unwok = first you wok, then you unwok. Clear!

Jaarcake = cake to celebrate a year

Uflog = Flog yourself

Kher = new Indian foodie condiment

Neukin = Female in copulation

Zoogmis = Holy mass for breastfeeding

Moekebus = Public transport bus full of middle aged mamas

Zoutwups = New condiment, salty zesty and nice

Melkjestrend = a trend towards milkiness

Zuurbukt = new type of yummy yoghurt, yet to be developed

Fopgrail = A holy grail that is a hoax

Yakcreme = A skin creme based upon yak products

Tubalijm (glue) = first you break your tuba, then you glue it with tubalijm.


And now for serious articles:

Adriaen Coorte, by Quentin Buvelot, book & exhibition catalogue.
De Grote Rembrandt, door Gary Schwartz, boek.
Geschiedenis van Alkmaar, boek.
Carel Fabritius, Tentoonstellingscatalogus.
Frans van Mieris, Tentoonstellingscatalogus.
From Rembrandt to Vermeer, Grove Art catalogue, book.
Vermeer Studies, Congresbundel.
C. Willemijn Fock: Het Nederlandse interieur in beeld, boek.
Het Huwelijksgeschenk (1934), boek over de egoïstische vrouw, die haar luiheid botviert.
Zandvliet, 250 De Rijksten van de Gouden Eeuw , boek + nieuwe stippenplattegrond!
Ik doe wat ik doe, teksten van Lennaert Nijgh , boek + cd
Het Rotterdam Boek, boek.
Bouwen in Nederland 600 - 2000, boek.
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TEFAF 2008 art fair




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