Private one time Sale of Late 1950's and early 1960's Posters on BP Oil Industry. Will look great on your wall when framed.

7 BP Posters fifties style


Attic clearance sale.

A series of large posters on the subject of BP petroleum products, research and industry, style fifties, flat colours in matte printing, text in Italian language. Posters printed on heavy quality cardboard, but still rollable. Size in centimeters height 57 cm, width 79 cm for all seven posters.

State medium to good. Minor some tears and very minor creases. All posters have multiple tack holes at their four corners and along the top. There are some small bits of corners missing. All colors are in solid color fields, reminiscent of lino cuts or cutout papers or Japanese woodcuts, without shading or change in hues of color (except for those in nr 5 and nr 6). All posters show multiple illustrations. Were they used for schools? For sales offices? For garages?

I obtained them in Florence in 1998. Presently they are too large for my home use.

There are seven different posters:



1) Format horizontal.

Top is grey background (BP logo) Usi del Petrolio, with two small blocks of text. Nine separate rectangle drawings explain uses of "Petrolio" from airplane kerosine, grand sea ship, train, gasoline filling station, cans of oil, autostrada, smelting ovens, DDT spraying in an orchard, home heating. Left bottom: "Printed in England at the Baynard Press".

2) Format horizontal. All grey background (BP logo). White rectangle on right hand top explains the "Prodotti Petrolchimici". Fifteen numbered drawings each in an oval shape, from paints in left hand top to DDT spraying in an orchard, right hand bottom. Small print, right hand bottom: "131/63/1000 Printed in England by Beric Press Ltd". I think this indicates the year 1963 and a print run of 1000.

3) Format vertical. An olive green background with BP logo. Subject is oil drilling: "La Perforazione". Text block with 2 drawings on the left. On right hand side a very large drilling tower with black cable systems. The white lines of the towers are a negative shape, formed by sparing out the shape in the olive color print. Small print, right hand bottom: "Printed in England at the Baynard Press"


4) Format horizontal. White background, on top the text "Oleodotti e terminali d'imbarco", BP logo; explanation text on the lower left bottom. To the left six pipe lines next to each other in the desert, to the right an aerial view of oil tanker ships moored at a pier. Left bottom: "Printed in England at the Baynard Press"


5) Format horizontal. Grey background with 6 rectangles. One to the middle right with an explanatory text: "La Ricerca", BP logo. Five watercolor illustrations with changing hues. Subjects: Car racing, machinery, garage work, a Laplander with reindeer and cars in a desert. Left bottom: "Printed in England at the Baynard Press"


6) Format vertical. White and yellow background with 4 rectangles. Text on top "La Ricerca Petrolifera". BP logo. Three watercolor illustrations with changing hues, the largest showing a geologist studying rocks in the Alps, smaller ones showing a scientist in a lab (white lab coat on) and an offshore driller. On left and top a flat color picture of cartography. Left bottom: "Printed in England at the Baynard Press"



  7) Format horizontal. On top a white text block BP logo, "La distribuzione dei prodotti". On top a scene of a tanker ship moving away from an oil refinery at a caost. At bottom a sandy yellow-green background with an aerial view of BP tank trucks in a landscape. Artistically this one is my favourite.


Sale in set of 7. Any serious offer will be answered.

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update 14 Feb 2010