Beautiful facsimile book:

Duc de Berry, Les Grandes Heures, publisher: WW. Norton. XXL size. English text.


+ Tres Riches Heures, smaller correct size, Dutch text, reduced size.


Sold in Amsterdam.

Quoting a price over E 100,- Thames and Hudson. Slight water damage ONLY to slipcover and book cover, inside immaculate. With gold ink, colour, very luxurious.


Smaller book: Tres RichesHeures:

Meiss, M.; Beatson, E.H. Belles heures van Jean, duc de Berry. Utrecht, spectrum, 1975. 267 pp., ills, 4to, linnen € 25,00. Slipcover.





Price indicators: Grandes Heures E 100. Tres Riches Heures E 30,-






I am Kees, a private person in Amsterdam and I also offer some extraordinary books and objects for sale. Make me a decent offer.


Historic very large Atlas of Israel

Tijdschrift Kunstschrift, 2008-2015 in zeer goede staat, nieuwwaarde per stuk E10, nu uitverkoop.

Boeken over Vincent van Gogh

VEEL boeken over Johannes Vermeer





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